Saskatchewan’s Cote First Nation: What In the Actual F**ck Is Going On?

In 2012 Saskatchewan's Cote First Nation was awarded $130 million, $20,000 per band member, from the federal government as part of a land claim settlement - making the Yorkton/Kamsack-area First Nation one of the wealthiest in Canada. $68 million was shelled out up front. It was gone by the end of March 2013: $50+ million on... Continue Reading →

Latest #skvotes Poll: SPOILER ALERT

Finally. I was going into poll withdrawal. Yesterday Insights West released their poll gauging public sentiment in Saskatchewan on the campaign, and the parties. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly riveting new information. SPOILER ALERT: the Sask Party is going to win. Nevertheless, there were a few tidbits worth mentioning. So, I will. The Issues: Privatization... Continue Reading →

The Weatherguy Frost/Nixoned Cam Broten.

CTV Saskatoon's Jeff Rogstad - otherwise known as The Weatherguy, as well as for his work in Saskatoon's comedic improv scene - absolutely crushed an interview with Cam Broten on Tuesday's News at Noon. More known for his noon hour interviews with Craig the Movie Geek than his hard-hitting political journalism, Rogstad Frost-Nixoned the hell... Continue Reading →

Remember That Time Bill Hutchinson Staged a One-Act Play In a Food Court?

As you already know, Brad Wall was in La Ronge on Monday. At the same time, his opponent, Cam Broten, was at the opposite end of the province, hitting up Moose Jaw and Regina. In Moose Jaw, Broten used two local restaurants - the Deja Vu Café (which looks like it has the best milkshakes... Continue Reading →

You Didn’t Think We Were Electing Just One Saskatchewan Premier, Did You?

Saskatchewan Party leader Brad Wall has spent the vast majority of the 2016 campaign in Saskatoon and Regina. It makes sense that Wall would focus on these vote-dense urban centres; the Sask Party has almost every rural riding in Saskatchewan locked down, but is running the risk of losing seats in Saskatoon and Regina. With the exception... Continue Reading →

I Swore I Wasn’t Going To Do This.

I was just going to write. Nothing fancy. No pictures, no fussing over format and appearance. But it was just so DRAB. Hence the update to the way this sucker looks. But I am not going back to every post to add a feature image, so forget it. (Who am I kidding, I probably will.)

Ham, Turkey and Diabetic Shock: Saskatchewan’s GTH.

I can't quite believe I'm writing about the GTH again, but I'm in that sweet spot between ham coma and turkey paralysis, so figured I may as well take advantage of the lucidity. Either way, I've been trying to wrap my head how Marquart's appraisal (herein "The Appraisal") landed at $129,000 per acre in the first place, when all other appraisals for... Continue Reading →

CUPE Debates. Alternate Title: If Hillary Clinton Showed Up At a Trump Rally.

Today I'm peeling back the curtain on a classic election campaign tradition, one that is remarkably useless at the strategic level. I'm talking about the "all-candidates debate", which is always hosted during the writ period, and almost always by extremely, even overtly, partisan organizations. This year's culprit is 'Own Your Saskatchewan', a sub-campaign of the ultra leftwing, and increasingly... Continue Reading →

More On the Prairie Spirit School Division – but Really, This Is About the Increasing Versions of Reality In This Province.

During last night's televised circus leadership debate, Cam Broten and Brad Wall got into a slapfight argument over what exactly is going on with the Prairie Spirit School Division. "You're misinformed," insisted Wall. "Oh AS IF," was Broten's reply. Yeah that's pretty much the entire hour in a nutshell. Wall did elaborate somewhat, indicating the PSSD's funding... Continue Reading →

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