Sask NDP dumps 2 more. And their campaign manager.

This is unbelievable.

Two more Saskatchewan NDP candidates have been dumped by leader Cam Broten, bringing the number of casualties this to four.

“At a hastily called news conference in Saskatoon Saturday morning, Broten also told assembled media that he has relieved provincial campaign manager Frank Quesnel of his duties.”

Frank Quennel is a really nice guy, but I have no idea why he was managing a campaign in 2016.

I’m not entirely certain I’m behind this censorship of candidates anymore. Getting called out for saying stupid things is fair game during a campaign, though usually at the riding level; I remain amazed that the Premier has not once, but twice waded into this quagmire.

So call it, then let the voters decide at the ballot box if they like what they hear, which is the whole point.

That said, find a campaign manager who gets this stuff. It’s so avoidable.

Look forward to the other parties reacting to today’s NDP announcement with a modicum of grace and sportsmanlike conduct.



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