From the Saskatchewan NDP Campaign ’16 braintrust today:

“Funding reserve education is a federal responsibility. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged to take action on the issue, but nothing has been done yet…Broten said it’s an urgent issue of fairness and justice…As premier, he’d fund the schools “immediately” and then bill the federal government.”

“…then bill the federal government.”*

WELL THEN – economy shmeconomy!! Who needs to balance the books when we can just spend whatever we want, and send Ottawa the bill?

Somebody call Brad Wall and tell him that for the last eight years he’s been doing finance All. Wrong.

And the NDP are the folks howling for a Saskatchewan budget. I can’t wait to see in which column they’d put that expenditure. Perhaps they’ll pull the revenue from the “Let’s Hope For the Best Fund”.


*Twitter follower made a good point – while that line from the Star Phoenix was not a direct quote from Cam Broten, “sending the bill to the federal government” was indeed the exact statement in the release.


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