Not theirs.

After a week of NDP candidates being thrown directly under the campaign bus for things they’ve said in the past, we now have a situation with a Sask Party candidate, and some things he’s done in the past.

“Sunday, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix confirmed Canora-Pelly Saskatchewan Party candidate Terry Dennis has twice been found guilty of impaired driving. The convictions, registered in 1979 and 2001, the latter while he was serving his first of several terms as mayor of Canora. Saskatchewan Party spokesperson Reg Downs said in an email that the party conducted criminal record checks, and Dennis also disclosed the convictions before seeking the nomination… “We obviously take this offense seriously but on balance, given his strong record in the community and the fact he has had no further offenses in the past 15 years, the party was comfortable with him as a candidate,” Downs said in an email.”

canora pelly

Um… okay? On balance, I’d say drunk driving twice, ever, is as bad as (worse than?) anything anyone could ever put on social media, but does the fifteen year gap between today and the second offense make that observation invalid?

The bar was set with the first four NDP candidates dumped, and the first two were at the Sask Party’s behest, so what, Reg Downs is now the keeper of candidate morality? Of who the electorate should or shouldn’t decide is acceptable?

Who exactly are we expecting to represent us in Saskatchewan? That’s a question for 2020, but we’ve already answered it for 2016.


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