Speaking of delusional..

Mulcair’s moment: When defeated NDP leader decided to stay and fight

“Tom Mulcair was leaving the national capital, his devastating federal election defeat still stinging, when he realized he wanted to stay on as leader of the NDP.”

How do you not, at that same moment, think to yourself ‘But then again, maybe my political intuition isn’t that shit-hot right now.’

From his interview with The Canadian Press:

“The very first night that we did in Ottawa… was the first moment that I felt the hope that continuing was going to produce the result we didn’t have in 2015…We set (up his federal NDP leadership campaign) in such a way that I would be touring, listening to the base, taking into account everything that they had been feeling since the election… This, for me, has been a tonic.”

I think Tom’s definition of “a tonic” is different than mine, but whatever.

In preparation for his next fight – in which oh my god he needs to capture 70 per cent of his party’s support to remain their leader – Mulcair’s going all Rocky, eating healthy and swimming a lot.

Well, you know what they say…



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