This guy is delusional.

From (which says a lot).

After going on a excruciatingly long rant about why it’s all Brad Wall’s fault, and glaringly omitting major factors and issues to support his argument, the author goes on to ask:

“Where is Tommy Douglas? Where is Saskatchewan’s Bernie Sanders? Where are the supporters of the province’s long-cherished collectivist nature? Do the people of Saskatchewan really want to increase the power of corporations? I should hope not.

Will Saskatchewan’s NDP campaign against the free market orthodoxy that privileges deregulation and privatization over the commons and working families?”

So I’m guessing he’s not a Cam Broten fan either.

I think I have this guy on Mute on Twitter, because he was absolutely rabid with his attacks, which in true hard-left style were largely personal, during the federal election.

As long as this guy remains in Saskatchewan, he’ll remain disillusioned. And quite likely, as long as he’s making these kind of arguments, delusional.


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  1. He is actually a highly educated and incredibly intelligent person who challenges the status quo that is our society. Especially in regards to the corporate welfare system that has been created in our country.


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