Quennell says it’s all about “voter suppression”.


The now former Saskatchewan NDP central campaign manager, Frank Quennell, says the outing of candidates who “crossed the line” (-Broten, March 12) on social media – specifically the candidate who made the horrific crack about the “abortion pill” was “voter suppression”.

I don’t disagree with Quennell’s premise that this is political –  hello, we’re in the middle of an election.

But it’s not voter suppression.11998087_10153978466742769_1463028230_n

Just like it wasn’t voter suppression when Quennell went after Premier Brad Wall on teaching his daughter to drive on grid roads. Right Frank?

I redacted the name of the young man who posted this on his Facebook page, publicly, and then engaged in the debate, because like Quennell says – in one rather brilliant, succinct line – he’s “new at this”. And he deserves his one. You know who you are, and Frank’s right. You are new at this. But you’re also a servant in a position where you have no business being partisan.

The irony that I’m pretty sure neither Frank nor his friend realize how public this post is, is not lost on me.

Social media and #skvotes 2016 – it’ll be the gift that just keeps on giving this month, mark my words.

That said, so will DUIs. Glass houses and all that.


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