66 of 122 #skvotes candidates have not registered their personal website domains.

If you are ever planning on running for public office, register your name as a domain.

Even if you aren’t planning on running for public office, register your name as a domain.

Because some people are dicks.

So, as a public service to the 122 candidates running for the two main parties, I present a list of candidates whose .com or .ca domain names are still available for purchase, at the standard (aka not extortive*) price of approximately $13 CAD:

deniseleduc.ca | gregorybrkich.com/ca | buckleybelanger.com/ca | philipelliott.ca | claytondebray.com/ca | delbertkirsch.com/ca | danrichert.ca | nathanielcole.ca | theresawilson.ca | terrydennis.ca | sandyewen.ca | doylevermette.com/ca | danicalorer.com/ca | larrydoke.com/ca | barbgenert.com/ca | douglassteele.com/ca | tinavukcovic.com/ca | loricarr.ca | ashleynemeth.com/ca | dannyhiscock.com/ca | hughnerlien.com/ca | charlesjedlicka.com/ca | billboyd.ca | maryannharrison.com/ca | michelleoleksyn.com/ca | rhondaphillips.ca | jasminecalix.com/ca | dwaynelasas.com/ca | linseythornton.ca | leonarddales.com/ca | warrenkaeding.com/ca | greglawrence.ca | ashleehicks.com/ca | shaynelazarowich.com/ca | josephhargrave.com/ca | markdocherty.ca* | nicolesarauer.com/ca | billstevenson.ca | faycalhaggui.com | kathleenoreilly.ca | kevindoherty.ca | muhammadfiaz.com/ca | brettestey.com/ca | aleanayoung.ca | gloriapatrick.com/ca | christinetell.ca | rosefreeman.com/ca | lylewhitefish.com/ca | bradhoffman.ca | tanyadunnpierce.com | coreytocher.com/ca | rogerparent.ca | dennelpickering.com/ca | jamiebrandrick.com | marvfriesen.ca | michaelkarras.ca | jenniferbowes.com/ca | tajindergrewal.ca | haileyclark.ca | herbcox.com/ca | robertfeist.ca | karenwormsbecker.com/ca | dustinduncan.ca | brendashenher.ca | davidmarit.com/ca | gregoryolson.ca |

That’s 54 per cent, or 66 out of 122 #skvotes candidates, who have not registered their personal name with one or both of .com or .ca domain suffixes.

What blows my mind is how many of these are incumbents.

In the federal campaign arena, the moment a candidate is nominated, their available personal name domains (both suffixes) are registered in the candidate’s name by the party, if the candidate had not yet done so themselves.

It is then mandated by the party that both of those domains – .ca and .com – point to a candidate template-website provided by the party’s central campaign.

It’s easy, consistent and practical, and avoids tomfoolery like the Trump nonsense linked above.

*Do as I say, not as I do:

Screenshot (16)
I know who you are, and you can keep f**king dreaming.


That’s nothing though:

Screenshot (17)


So you’re welcome, Saskatchewan political party execs who didn’t do your job.

Not for your own candidates, anyway.


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