You are screaming into a vacuum.

A new #skvotes poll! It’s like Christmas morning over and over, all month.

Brought to you by Mainstreet Research, who surveyed a random sample of 1577 Saskatchewan residents by both landline and cellphone on March 15th, 2016, here’s the goods:

The overall “which party would you vote for today” numbers are a yawner, again. With the exception of a 2% decrease/increase for the SaskParty/NDP last week the numbers aren’t moving, with 49% supporting the SaskParty and 31% the NDP.

Screenshot (18).png

The number of undecided votes has dropped just a teeny bit, but at 12% is still significant, moreso for the NDP who could make decent overall gains by wooing those wafflers.

Disillusioned Dippers should take solace in how much, relatively and compared to the others, their party support has increased in the last six months.

Of decided and leaning voters only, this picture also tells an interesting story.

Screenshot (19).png

Should the SaskParty be concerned about that mild, but steady, decrease in support? Wouldn’t you be? I’m going to go back and look, however, to see how much their support has wavered over the last few years, and to what extent. I just can’t see it recently having dropped 10 per cent in two months though, which is what happened between January and March of 2016.

Of those 12% of Saskatchewan voters who are undecided about which party to vote for on April 4th, just over half are no closer to figuring it out.

Screenshot (20).png

What’s interesting to me is that more of them – over a quarter of them! – are leaning towards fringe parties than towards the Sask Party or NDP. This tells me there’s a demographic of voters in this province who are sick of both of them; who will still turnout, but could cast their vote in protest of the current regime.

Paging Cam Broten and your central campaign planners…paging Cam Broten.

Screenshot (21)

P3 schools – nobody cares!

They just want their kids out of overcrowded storage closets and into proper classrooms.

This should be of special concern to Broten himself, whose riding contains two of the most overcrowded schools in the province. There may be some otherwise NDP parents none-to-pleased that he voted (pointlessly) against the construction of a new school in their community.

Either way, stop talking about it. You are screaming into a vacuum.

Speaking of issues of which the NDP’s own supporters don’t agree with them:

Screenshot (22)

Are we learning something about messaging today kids?

BREAKING: Millenials are shallow.

Screenshot (23).png

My favorite part of this data is that 6 percent of us bitter and jaded 35-49yr-olds are more likely to vote for a candidate who has been a jackass on Facebook.

And finally, a bit more on the notion that most voters are stockpiled with stones and have never sinned,

Screenshot (24)

In all seriousness, what’s the takeaway from all this?

First of all, that both main parties are absolutely mangling their messaging, though the NDP are doing a far better job of it than the Sask Party. The NDP are still, inexplicably, not even in line with the majority of their own base.

The Sask Party may preaching to their choir, but that doesn’t matter either, because the majority of all voters are busy pondering the meme some paper candidate from Kenosee posted on Facebook in 2009.

Given the low-to-no change in overall party support for either party, the fact the above-mentioned democratic inanity is a now thing in Saskatchewan should the voters’ biggest concern of #skvotes 2016 so far.


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