Because nobody has ever committed a crime in the name of Christianity.

Now a break from our regular programming.

This may literally be one of the dumbest things I’ve read on the Internet for a very long time.

“From what we know of this incident, conveyed by the police chief, a man allegedly walked into a military recruitment centre in Toronto, went on a stabbing spree against uniformed personnel, invoking the name of Allah….Don’t Islamist suicide bombers often invoke the name of Allah when they blow themselves up?..there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about radical Islamists, religious fascists who have declared war on us.”




has ever


horrific crimes

in the name of Christianity.

Somewhat related:

Screenshot (12).png

This was the front page of the National Post website for about a half hour.

Note the headline.

The actual story is about the Toronto Police Chief saying his force has absolutely no idea what this guy’s motivation was, and his warnings regarding Islamophobia. Yet a National Post web editor saw “Allah” and labelled it terror.

Christianity is not the problem. Islam is not the problem. Sun Media columnists are not the problem.

Extremism is the problem.

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