We won’t be hearing less about Roy Romanow or Grant Devine anytime soon.

The other poll today was released by Saskatchewan-based Insightrix Research.

I gotta say right off the bat that I’m somewhat stymied by the headline, given their own graph two inches underneath shows an overall decrease in support.

Screenshot (26)

I guess they’re talking about that very recent 54% – 61% climb, but I don’t think I’ve seen that anomaly on any other provincial poll. But, I’ll check.

Anyway, 801 randomly selected SaskWatch Research® panel members were surveyed from March 14th to 16th, 2016. Quotas were set by age, gender, and region to match the general population of Saskatchewan.

I have some thoughts about the SaskWatch panel, but my above comment on the headline is where I’ll leave it.

Anyway, let’s look at the data, shall we?

Good news for the NDP is that according to these numbers, their base is ages 18-34.

Screenshot (27)

The bad news for the NDP is that right on the heels of the young’ns are the senior Dippers – and right there you have one of the significant factors generating the Saskatchewan NDP’s internal turmoil. There is a massive ideological divide between these two groups, and my sense from the Saskatchewan NDP so far is that they are trying to stand for both, which is why it seems like they stand for nothing.

So again, the commentary here is jumping out at me more than the numbers.

Screenshot (28).png

Maybe they meant “Historically, we continue to see…”? Anyway, there’s no news here, other than yes, Regina will be tight.

We won’t be hearing less about the NDP in the 90s or the Devine government of the 80s anytime soon.

Screenshot (29)

One thought on “policy”.

Do voters care about carbon taxes? Nope. Voters care about their children’s future, but in Saskatchewan they care more about feeding those children right now. They care about having shelter and security – the fundamental basics required in life to be happy. Today.

Go ahead and apply that test to any issue you can think of – schools, highways, the economy, healthcare. See what I mean?

The leader vs candidate numbers are bog standard for any federal or provincial election. In fact, 24 percent for the candidate is quite high. It’s all about leadership, especially leadership optics.

Which brings us to the final set of results:

Screenshot (31)

Really??  34 per cent of respondents don’t know enough about Cam Broten to comment?

That’s stunning, but not bad news for the Saskatchewan NDP, because it’s an easy fix. Voters are basically hitting them in the face with a frying pan in an effort to communicate that they want more substance from its leader, so instead of screaming at us from about Brad Wall, perhaps Broten could calm down and tell us a bit about himself.

(Regarding the personable-poll above: 74 percent plus the 12 percent who apparently live under a rock only equals 84. 49 per cent plus Broten’s 34 per cent in the dark only equals 83. Not clear on where the opinions went of the 16 and 17 per cent respectively not mentioned.)

This poll should tell the Saskatchewan NDP to shut down literally everything else they have planned and put their leader out front, alone, talking about his vision for a safe and secure Saskatchewan, today and in the future.

If he doesn’t have one, therein lies the problem.


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