Hooray! We can drive into Montana after midnight at a border crossing in the middle of nowhere!

In February there was some concern over the Yanks announcement they were going to close the border crossing port of the port of Raymond, Montana for six hours overnight.

This crossing takes us into Plentywood, Montana. 60% of Saskatchewan’s exports flow into the US, and 5% cross at this specific crossing, so the concern is, in part, over restrictions on the flow of those goods (ie. truckers sitting at the crossing overnight, which costs producers cash).

There are also social and healthcare implications.

Even then Premier Brad Wall was all over it, lobbying US Senators to bring this up on Capital Hill, which they did.

The trial overnight border closure was supposed to start on March 6th, then was pushed back into the middle of April.

It has now been scrapped altogether.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection is postponing a plan to reduce hours at a 24-hour border crossing with Saskatchewan. The federal agency confirmed on Friday that it will not implement a reduced-hour test period in April, which was previously planned. A spokeswoman didn’t specify if the reduction will happen at a later date.”

Some Senator’s spokesperson said something they probably weren’t supposed to about this perhaps being revisited at the end of 2016.

I highly doubt that, as the US government and Homeland Security will probably spend the rest of this year figuring out how the hell they’ll build a wall across the Mexican border, should the need arise.

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