The Weatherguy Frost/Nixoned Cam Broten.

CTV Saskatoon’s Jeff Rogstad – otherwise known as The Weatherguy, as well as for his work in Saskatoon’s comedic improv scene – absolutely crushed an interview with Cam Broten on Tuesday’s News at Noon.

More known for his noon hour interviews with Craig the Movie Geek than his hard-hitting political journalism, Rogstad Frost-Nixoned the hell out of Broten.

Broten did his best, but you can tell he was caught completely off guard, likely having expected a softball interview with maybe a platform question or two. He doesn’t really answer any questions, spinning his tires before awkwardly deviating into GTH/middle class/yada yada talking points.

You should watch it for yourself (it starts at the 8min mark), but here are some of the highlights:

JR: “You say it’s a secret budget… if we don’t know what’s in the budget how can you suggest there are things that are coming in terms of cuts? How can we know that?”

CB: “Well…some of it…in a brief moment of honesty we saw the Finance Minister talk about ‘Draconian Cuts’ that are coming out… and we see some glimpses…” “…GTH land scandal…” “…can’t afford four more years…”

Okie doke.

JR: “You talk about meeting people on the doorsteps, saying they’re upset about the gravy planes, they’re upset about the land deal… but it doesn’t seem to be translating into numbers…”

– at which you see Broten physically flinch –

.”. what can you do to close that gap?”

CB: “Well I’ve got a fire in my belly…”

– somebody get this man a Zantac –

“…you know in the debate that we had uh not too long ago I think people saw my passion…” “…what I want to see happen is to cut the waste…” “…cost of living hardworking families..”

– then Broten kinda sorta finally figures out how to answer the question –

“I’ve been really pleased by the response we’ve been getting and the energetic and motivated campaigns and candidates that we have all throughout Saskatchewan.”

Got it.

JR: This time next week, a week from today, the day after the election – how do you measure success?

CB: “You know, I’ll be measuring success in working hard from now until EDay and you know it’s the people that decide-”

– but J-Rog wasn’t havin’ none of that –

JR (cutting off Broten): “-but have you given yourself a number, saying ‘we need to hit this mark’-“

CB (talking above Rogstad): “-what I’m about is working as hard as possible and taking nothing for granted and working day in and day out listening to Saskatchewan people.”

Rogstad wraps it up, thanking Broten for doing the interview.

CB: “My pleasure.”

No it wasn’t.

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