Saskatchewan’s Global Transportation Hub & The Mystery of the Only Document That Would Make This Go Away.

7:30pm: have added an update at the bottom of this post. Before I begin, I want to acknowledge the lawsuit Boyd dropped on the CBC because of this story. My understanding is the suit pertains to other statements (or as many would call them, facts), that were presented by the CBC in conjunction with the... Continue Reading →

SHHH!! You’re Embarassing Me – #skvotes

This is absolutely extraordinary. Today Education Minister and Sask Party incumbent candidate Don Morgan lashed out at Larry Pavloff, Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD) board chair, for daring to share some pretty vital information with the division's parents because  - GASP! - it could hamper the Sask Party's election outcome. God forbid they only win 80 percent of Saskatchewan seats... Continue Reading →

Federal #Budget2016 & Saskatchewan: It’s Pretty Much What You Thought It Would Be.

Saskatchewan is definitely not getting $570mil in refunded equalization. We're not getting anything, in fact. However, the federal government will provide advance fiscal stabilization payments of $251.4 million to Alberta, and $31.7 million to Newfoundland and Labrador with respect to 2015–16. Apparently we knew this already, though, and Wall is on the record stating we weren't... Continue Reading →

Federal #Budget2016: 5 Things That Matter To Saskatchewan.

Provincial campaigns are getting ready for Wednesday evening's televised debate, and may (rightly) realize that anything they have to say today will be buried underneath federal budget highlights. Unlike Stephen Harper's budgets, there is a whole lot more leaking to and confiding in Hill reporters going on, so there's not many surprises today. This blog is... Continue Reading →

“An Orgy of Bad Policy in Saskatchewan”.

"An Orgy of Bad Policy in Saskatchewan" - by Alex Usher, President of Higher Education Strategy Associates, former Director of Educational Policy Institute Canada (EPI Canada).. Let's get the obvious out of the way first. If you don't like his opinion, please don't also immediately write it off as partisan. I see no obvious bias in... Continue Reading →

Hooray! We can drive into Montana after midnight at a border crossing in the middle of nowhere!

In February there was some concern over the Yanks announcement they were going to close the border crossing port of the port of Raymond, Montana for six hours overnight. This crossing takes us into Plentywood, Montana. 60% of Saskatchewan's exports flow into the US, and 5% cross at this specific crossing, so the concern is, in... Continue Reading →

Black Market Butter Tarts: 2016 Sask Party Platform

Or as I've taken to calling it, "The Best We Can Do Right Now". Their 2007 platform contained 140 commitments. In 2011 they pledged at least 35 commitments. 2016's Sask Party campaign platform contains six (6!) new and guaranteed campaign commitments. (Yes, it also lists a bunch of promises and announcements made while they were still in government, but... Continue Reading →

Are we THIS hardup in Saskatchewan?!

The Saskatchewan NDP having been asking their "where's our money" question in their latest, not that effective ad campaign. But seriously, WHERE IS OUR MONEY? Maybe that's too broad, so how about - where is the money that has supported this absolutely fantastic event for the past 27 years? "A dance for senior citizens that's been at Regina's Balfour Collegiate for 27... Continue Reading →

What if Deb Higgins had held her seat in Moose Jaw?

I don't think I've seen redistributed 2011 results for post-boundary change Saskatchewan, til now. There's a few of these 'election atlas' blogs around - bloggers who essentially process extraordinary amounts of data in order to aggregate historical election results over interactive maps. Most of them include redistributed results, after the inevitable event riding boundaries change. I like Canadian... Continue Reading →

The Ministry of Magic and Deadly Details: Saskatchewan NDP’s platform.

Yesterday the Saskatchewan NDP released their platform. I know, me neither. You should check it out though, because unlike their campaign, parts of it are rather inspiring. I mean, kind of like how imagining what you'd do if you won the lottery is inspiring, but still, vision and hope should be the primary name of this... Continue Reading →

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