Updated: Did Cam Broten Ever Really Have a Chance?

April 7th - I've added a note to the bottom of this post. Much to the chagrin of some of my more partisan Sask Party friends, I cannot celebrate the loss of Cam Broten, both as a MLA and as the Saskatchewan NDP's leader. Broten got what the majority of voters in Saskatoon Westview felt he deserved. Politicians... Continue Reading →

Monday #skvotes 2016 Results and Potentially Unchartered Territory.

Below I've broken down these (really unsurprising) riding prognostications first by region, then by party and the candidate who will win, with the result being: NDP - 9 | Sask Party - 44 | Wild Cards - 8 My reason for labelling a riding a Wild Card is explained alongside it. None of it is complicated. Ultimately I think... Continue Reading →

“One of the Fastest Growing Companies In Canada”: Brad Wall, Lorne Nystrom & the GTH

Today CTV Saskatoon and Regina have been airing a taped interview with Sask Party Leader Brad Wall. Inevitably, the host asked Wall about Saskatchewan's Global Transportation Hub. You can watch the full video here. If you're not familiar with the story, there's background here, and here. I'm struggling with Wall's interview - specifically, his arguments in favor of the deal... Continue Reading →

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