Is This True? Saskatoon’s Holiday Park Golf Course.

Is this for real? Does the City of Saskatoon’s Holiday Park golf course really keep their drinking fountains running constantly? The “dirty coal” bit isn’t helpful, but if this is true, it’s ridiculous. I’m no environmentalist, but it seems exceedingly wasteful… a literal drain on both resources and utilities. Call your City Councilor.

The Only Story On Charlie Clark That Matters

I was out of the country on holidays, and super-slammed since we got back, so things have been pretty slow around here. I do have a pretty good piece (IMO) coming soon. Meantime, I wanted to take a quick minute to share the only story that matters from Saskatoon City Councilor Charlie Clark’s announcement, held earlier […]

The life and death of John George Dryden Diefenbaker

The life and death of John George Dryden Diefenbaker (George) is nothing short of tragic, but arguably, inspiring. Imagine, at 42-years of age, learning your life has been a lie. That’s what happened to George in 2010, when his cousin dropped the bombshell that family gossip suggested George was the product of a dalliance between his […]

“It takes a village (of Saskatchewan taxpayers) to raise a startup”: 7 Reasons Giving $3Mil to Skip the Dishes Was a Terrible Idea.

I love Skip the Dishes. Use(d) it all the time. Restaurants have a love/hate relationship with Skip. Those that love it claim it has drastically increased their take-out business. Others aren’t so thrilled, stating that they’re serving the same customers they did before, but losing the 15 per cent (often their profit margin) to Skip they […]