Coal vs Pixie Dust: Saskatchewan’s Carbon Capture and Storage Saga

Last Friday the news broke that Cenovus, a Calgary-based oil company formerly known as Encana, sent an email to Saskatoon Star Phoenix/Regina Leader Post reporter DC Fraser, stating that they had never had a contract with SaskPower to purchase 100 per cent of the CO2 produced by the 1.4 billion dollar Boundary Dam 3 carbon... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan Farmers vs the Chinese Government: Which One Is Goliath?

Disclosure: Writing this, I got to know a few of the farmers discussed below, and they got to know me, including what I really do to pay the bills - public relations (sadly, blog-writing is not the financial golden goose you'd think it would be) (sarcasm). We entered into a contract earlier this month wherein I agreed to consult... Continue Reading →

Let It Go, Or Cancel Question Period in the Saskatchewan Legislature.

I have two favorite television shows: the live-broadcast of Question Period in the Saskatchewan Legislature, and The Bachelor (or Bachelorette). Both are reality television at its best. They're dramatic; full of passion, hatred, insecurity, and power struggles. Each seems to bring out the worst in people, despite the fact they are all trying to accomplish... Continue Reading →

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