The Husky Oil Spill Probably Doesn’t Surprise the Saskatchewan Auditor

In 2012 the Saskatchewan auditor's report revealed that the provincial government did not have appropriate measures in place to ensure compliance with relevant pipeline regulations and legislation: "Our audit concluded that for the year ended October 31, 2011, the Ministry (of Energy and Resources, now Economy) did not have effective processes to ensure full compliance with The... Continue Reading →

Running For Mayor? ProTip: Don’t Use the R-Word

Pawing through back issues of the PA Herald at a relative's house, I nearly choked when I saw this in the June 27, 2016 edition: I was tempted to brush it off as a flippant mistake, from a guy who clearly has absolutely zero media training, but hello, he's running for mayor. Demonstrating an understanding of the... Continue Reading →

(Pt 2) Auditor’s Report On GTH: Not What We Asked For

If you read my previous blog post, you may have figured out I'm not impressed with the June 30th Saskatchewan auditor's report on the Global Transportation Hub (GTH). The following are a few samples, all taken directly from the document, of where, in my useless opinion, the report glosses over details it shouldn't have; accepted statements at face... Continue Reading →

(Pt 1) Auditor’s Report On GTH: Covered In Blood and Holding a Knife

I've been trying to write about the auditor's report into Saskatchewan's Global Transportation Hub, for a week. Friends who would know better than I, insist that Saskatchewan auditor Judy Ferguson is fair and measured. That she follows her mandate to the letter. I've been trying to roll with the notion that it was just a coincidence... Continue Reading →

BHP Billiton Might Be Trying To Takeover Potash Corp Again.

So this news item seemingly fell through the cracks over the Canada Day long weekend. In Saskatchewan, anyway. From the Australian Financial Review, June 30 2016: "Potash Corp, the world's second-largest producer of its namesake fertiliser, (stock) is rallying amid rumors of a possible takeover of the Saskatchewan-based company... A bid may come from any of the company's... Continue Reading →

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