SaskPower Saves the Day (& the Deal): The GTH’s Mighty Cashflow Stallion

Recently CBC investigative reporter Geoff Leo revealed, as part of his dogged scrutiny of Regina's Global Transportation Hub (GTH), that it was SaskPower which provided the cash infusion to the GTH to pay Regina developer Anthony Marquart $21-million dollars, or up to five times the appraised value, for the land package that eventually kicked off... Continue Reading →

A Quick & Dirty Hot Take On the Auditor, “wrongdoing” & the GTH.

"...did not find evidence of conflicts of interest, or indications of fraud or wrongdoing." Sound familiar? That's the line from the Saskatchewan Auditor that the provincial government has used over 60 times - in the last two weeks! - in the Saskatchewan Legislature, to defend their government from the increasing towering stack of evidence that... Continue Reading →

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