Thoughts and Prayers for Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Service’s Last Shred of Compassion, Dignity #RIP

For years, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services has been paying a flat rate of $3850 to cover the cost of funerals for people who die while on some form of income assistance, or for anyone else who dies broke - for example, a senior citizen on a fixed income without savings. In the 2017-18 provincial bloodbath budget, that... Continue Reading →

In Purgatory: The Saskatchewan Catholic Education System Court Ruling

Allow me to begin by grossly over-simplifying history. The year was 2003. 50 Cent had just burst on to the scene to educate us on the correct spelling of P-I-M-P and just as importantly, that he was into sex, not making love, resulting in a new anthem (and hilarious Jesus-memes) for birthday-celebrators everywhere. Tucked away on the eastern edge of... Continue Reading →

Screwing With a Century-Old System: A Brief History of Libraries In Saskatchewan

"In times of economic hardship such as we’re going through right now, libraries are used even more by people than they are in good times... with the cut-backs that the libraries have suffered, library boards have had to reduce the service that they’ve been able to provide to people. They’ve had to reduce their material... Continue Reading →

Cash-For-Access Fundraising Is a Massive Problem in Saskatchewan

We need to talk about the SaskParty selling access to the Premier, because it's out-of-f**king-control. In spring 2016, the Globe and Mail ran a series of stories on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and her provincial Liberal party's cash-for-access fundraising schemes, which entailed selling tickets for exclusive, high-priced, elbow-rubbing events to that province's well-heeled individuals, corporations and lobbyists. The ensuing scandal... Continue Reading →

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