Dear Brad Wall… Do You Really Want To Go Out Like This?

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Brad Wall reign as Premier of Saskatchewan may be drawing to a close. The current theory is that Wall will resign in 2018, allowing him the opportunity to lead the SaskParty through its 20th anniversary in September 2017, and celebrate his 10th anniversary as Premier in November 2017. It also... Continue Reading →

Why a Segment of Saskatchewan’s Economy, and Our Ethical Compass, Hinges on an Undeveloped, War-Torn African Nation

Somewhere in the waters just off the southernmost tip of South Africa, a loaded cargo ship is going nowhere. The NM Cherry Blossom and its 50000 ton cargo of phosphate was seized by a South African court on May 7, 2017.  Exporting natural resources is routine in most places, but most places aren't the Western Sahara. The last remaining... Continue Reading →

Lessons From the Formation of Alberta’s Single Health Region (Alternate Title: Blurred Lines)

"At its core, health is about people... complex interactions among many individuals and organizations, requiring effective working relationships...(which) depend on people respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities, understanding how they relate to each other, and committing to work collaboratively towards shared goals." - Alberta's Health Task Force Report, 2012 The Saskatchewan government is amalgamating our... Continue Reading →

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