Saskatchewan Small Towns: A Smorgasbord (Alternate Title – I’ll Have What She’s Having)

First of all, you guys are AH-MAY-ZING. The response to my lame attempt at fundraising for this blog was outstanding and humbling and I seriously love you all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Given how hard y'all have shown your support, I figured it was time to get my ass in gear... Continue Reading →

Help Me Remain a Thorn In Saskatchewan’s Political Side… & Keep the Lights On

I have been conflicted about the whole notion of monetizing, or getting "paid" for writing ┬áthis blog since long before I decided to add a Donate Button like this one. I've always maintained that I am not a journalist, and I'm not, but that every word and every opinion on this site would be fact-based... Continue Reading →

Sask Party Leadership Week 6: The Redemption Tour

WHAT'S THAT? WHAT? SPEAK UP I CAN'T HEAR YOU OH SORRY YOU WANT ME TO STOP YELLING okay that's fine why didn't you just say so. For the love of all that is holey Ken Cheveldayoff's social media needs to stop hollering at us in ALL CAPS. OH REALLY THAT'S NICE DID YOU USE YOUR... Continue Reading →

Scathing Expose on Sour Gas in Saskatchewan Kind of Isn’t One…

This was supposed to have been a post about a scathing expose put together by a massive team of investigative journalists, researchers and educators from across North America. But it's not. I mean, at it's core is an important story - sour gas from oil wells posing serious, even fatal health risks to Saskatchewan residents.... Continue Reading →

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