Help Me Remain a Thorn In Saskatchewan’s Political Side… & Keep the Lights On

I have been conflicted about the whole notion of monetizing, or getting “paid” for writing  this blog since long before I decided to add a Donate Button like this one.
Donate Button with Credit Cards

I’ve always maintained that I am not a journalist, and I’m not, but that every word and every opinion on this site would be fact-based and where possible, linked back to sources. That takes time.
Donate Button with Credit Cards

When I started this blog, I swore I wasn’t going to make it a thing. It was simply going to be a place where I could write down what I saw and what I thought, especially as newsrooms kept getting cut back, and official Opposition to the Saskatchewan government became virtually non-existent. Back then I figured if I got a hundred readers it would be amazing. Amazing it is, because today each new post receives a helluvalot (hella!) more than that, which blows my mind. And I love it, and I love you guys SO much.

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I’m self-employed, and blessed with fantastic job flexibility which allows me to dedicate the time to a post that each one requires, but I’m not getting rich off it, trust me. Which is totally fine. But, the truth I always come back to is that a day spent writing a post is a day I didn’t earn anything to support my boys. Then I see sites like Canadaland, or our old pals over at the site that shall remain nameless but rhymes with Shmebel pretty much constantly fundraising, and I second-guess my decision not to more actively do the same.

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So, in case I haven’t been subtle enough, today I’m launching a bit of a fund-raising drive so I can keep this up. It’s either that or go door-to-door for cans and bottles, and that seems impractical.

I want to keep it up, but I also want this place to be better, with things like a newsletter and a podcast, and guest writers who don’t have to contribute for free. I want oursask to be as uniquely and eccentrically Saskatchewan-focused as possible, and provide a platform for more voices than my deeply, deeply sarcastic one.Donate Button with Credit Cards

Many of you have generously donated in the past, and I can’t thank you enough. Today I’m asking that maybe if you haven’t for a while, consider throwing in a couple bucks to keep the lights on, so I can continue terrorizing holding accountable elected Saskatchewan officials, especially the ones currently vying to take the reigns of this fine province for the next couple of years.

Sometime I might launch a Patreon page, but for now I’ll just leave this little gold button here one more time, in case you didn’t see the ones above.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I’d also be extra grateful if you helped me share this post on social media (the Share buttons are under the below ads, which earn me precisely nada, I should add).

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tam.

5 thoughts on “Help Me Remain a Thorn In Saskatchewan’s Political Side… & Keep the Lights On

  1. Could you set up a patreon so that I can set up a regular monthly contribution to you? Would much rather that, then using paypal…


  2. Yes! PATREON! I would love a podcast! I’ve been a Patreon convert and it’s the easiest money I’ve spent for great content. Plus the the consistent somewhat predictable flow of support for stellar content has to be a plus! Looking forward to this!


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