A Friendly Monthly (Maybe? I Don’t Know) Reminder To Send Me Your Hard-Earned Dollars (Please and Thank You)

It's been quite a few weeks around here, hasn't it? My post on Education Minister Bronwyn Eyre's controversial, ill-advised speech in the Legislature, for which she eventually (kind of) apologized, went viral. It was the second-most popular post this year, surpassed only by the Saskatchewan budget breakdown in March. It's humbling and terrifying to watch... Continue Reading →

Here’s Who’s Buying Saskatchewan’s Next Premier

Let's start with a few facts I think we can all agree on: Money is integral to the electoral process; campaigning to reach voters requires resources that aren't free. Equality - fairness - is integral to democracy. To reconcile those two facts, solid, effective legislation is required to create a level playing field. Legislation which... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan’s Education Minister Gave a Speech Last Week and It Will Blow Your Mind (No, Not in a Good Way)

Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota Sask Party MLA Bronwyn Eyre has a rich history of opining on education and educational institutes. In 2010 Eyre wrote a newspaper column entitled 'The Slippery Slope of Sexual Education', wherein she questions whether Grade 5 students need to be taught the anatomically-correct terminology for the reproductive system, or Grade 6 students the... Continue Reading →

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