A Friendly Monthly (Maybe? I Don’t Know) Reminder To Send Me Your Hard-Earned Dollars (Please and Thank You)

It’s been quite a few weeks around here, hasn’t it?

My post on Education Minister Bronwyn Eyre’s controversial, ill-advised speech in the Legislature, for which she eventually (kind of) apologized, went viral. It was the second-most popular post this year, surpassed only by the Saskatchewan budget breakdown in March. It’s humbling and terrifying to watch something you put into the universe shape the dialogue of government, however briefly, but I think that maybe the backlash quelled what could have been a dangerous, racist change to our kids’ curriculum.

The next piece on just how many, or how few, businesspeople are funding the race to become Saskatchewan’s next Premier wasn’t quite as popular as the Eyre piece, but it did go pretty crazy as well. Tonight the Leader Post, which has all kinds of lawyers that I do not, has published what I would consider a followup to what I wrote, but uses names, and I’m so glad they did. We should be concerned, my friends, about how normalized the rampant purchase of influence has become in Saskatchewan.

Tens of thousands of you have visited this month, and that is just amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading. I feel like a broken record, but a lot of work goes into those posts and every set of eyes makes every keystroke worthwhile.

When it comes to monetizing this blog, I’ve had all kinds of advice, but the most consistent is to regularly publish a reminder of the ways you can throw some love my way. Doing this still makes me cringe inside – I don’t like even talking about money, never mind asking for it – but your response is always overwhelming and I cannot really put into words how amazing that is and how grateful I feel for all of you. Legit, you rock.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

So put simply, if you appreciate the research and presentation of the articles on my blog, please consider a monthly subscription or a one-time donation using that handy-dandy gold button to the left.

Like I said last time I did this, I’m self-employed, with job flexibility which allows me to dedicate the time to this blog it requires. I’m not getting rich off this, trust me, but that’s cool. But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a day spent writing a post is a day I didn’t earn anything to support my kids. Other non-traditional media sites actively fundraise, so I guess I’m going to do the same.

If you prefer, and many of you have asked for it, here’s a Patreon link. Basically you subscribe a couple of bucks of month, which collectively accumulates into steady subscription revenue for this site. I will never paywall, or require readers to subscribe to read this blog, but it’s kind of a cool service if you’re into that.

In case you missed it above (okay now I’m being ridiculous, but whatevs), here’s that Donate button again.
Donate Button with Credit Cards


Have a great weekend friends. Tam xo

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