Who Should You Vote For In the Saskatchewan NDP Leadership Race?

(Featured image credit: @swbooster) Full disclosure - I bought a Saskatchewan NDP membership to vote in their leadership race. I bought a Saskatchewan Party membership to vote in their leadership race too. As of posting this, I have not yet voted in the Saskatchewan NDP leadership election. I also really like both Meili and Wotherspoon,... Continue Reading →

We Need To Talk About the Security and Border Officials At the Saskatoon Airport

I want safe air travel, and I understand that in light of these troubled times, extra steps have been taken at airports to ensure that we all arrive at our destinations safely and in one piece. So, I do my part, dutifully dumping my products into travel bottles and squinting at the volumes on my... Continue Reading →

Legal Weed in Saskatchewan: Puff, Puff, Pass Some Legislation Already

It's about time, right? I have been so slow in posting over the last couple of months, in part because I've been blessed with offers to write for money for other publications far more esteemed than this humble little blog. But, you guys have been asking and that's so awesome. I really appreciate your patience.... Continue Reading →

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