Saskatchewan Politics & Pandemic: Enough is Enough

Kind of struggling with what to write for this blog this week. I've got at least half a dozen drafts sitting behind the scenes, but I get sidetracked, or they feel outdated almost as soon as I write them. I also don't want to be adding political-noise to an environment where its currently unhelpful. Really,... Continue Reading →

Is the Govt of Saskatchewan Ready For a Pandemic? Well…

Like you, I've been side-eying the COVID-19 (coronavirus) maps, watching the virus creep inwards and upwards towards Saskatchewan from the east and west coasts of the United States. Also like (most of) you, I'm not panicking. I haven't stockpiled toilet paper. With a houseful of boys, two dogs and cat, I already stockpile Lysol wipes.... Continue Reading →

Ryan Meili is Awesome. Deal With It.

He's going to @%$#ing murder me for this. But I don't care. In fact, that's just one of the reasons Ryan is one of my good friends: he's super easy to get along with and gets over things quick. I (to the shock and surprise of many, I'm sure) am not really skilled at either.... Continue Reading →

Fixed Election Dates & Political Game-Playing

Yeah, I'm back to blogging (I think). More on that at a later date, including why I quit for a while and what I'm working on lately. For now, apologies for the mess around here. I am trying (and largely failing) to find the time to renovate. But as I started, mainly out of curiosity,... Continue Reading →

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