Why & How Didn’t Steve Balog Know Scott Moe Killed His Mom?

Since Steve Balog's October 5, 2020, Facebook post revealed that until that point, he had been unaware that the man who was driving the truck that killed his mom was Scott Moe, the first question on people's lips has been "How could he NOT know?" Let's answer, as best we can, this question. I've grilled... Continue Reading →

Scott Moe’s Deadly Crash Isn’t the Problem. This Is the Problem.

For the past few weeks, the story of Joanne Balog's death as a result of a motor vehicle accident that was the fault of the other driver, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, has been lingering against the backdrop of Saskatchewan's 2020 election campaign. Lingering, because it's a story that is almost too unwieldly, too troubling to... Continue Reading →

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