Premier Brad Wall and A&W: Why Is This a Thing?

I know zilch about farming or ranching, so let's get that out of the way. What I do know is marketing, and admittedly I have eaten fast food once or twice (today). I'm fascinated by Premier Brad Wall's trolling of A&W over their beef. Fascinated, because I know Wall understands the free-market, and certainly understands the... Continue Reading →

Lessons From the Formation of Alberta’s Single Health Region (Alternate Title: Blurred Lines)

"At its core, health is about people... complex interactions among many individuals and organizations, requiring effective working relationships...(which) depend on people respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities, understanding how they relate to each other, and committing to work collaboratively towards shared goals." - Alberta's Health Task Force Report, 2012 The Saskatchewan government is amalgamating our... Continue Reading →

DUIs in Saskatchewan: The Provincial Government Really Cant Pretend It Didn’t Know Better.

After a spate of recent high profile incidents, Premier Brad Wall wrote a compelling post on Facebook lamenting drunk driving in Saskatchewan, in which he promised discussion when the Legislature sits in October, and asked residents for their suggestions on how to curb the carnage on the roads. It was the right thing to do. Saskatchewan residents,... Continue Reading →

The Husky Oil Spill Probably Doesn’t Surprise the Saskatchewan Auditor

In 2012 the Saskatchewan auditor's report revealed that the provincial government did not have appropriate measures in place to ensure compliance with relevant pipeline regulations and legislation: "Our audit concluded that for the year ended October 31, 2011, the Ministry (of Energy and Resources, now Economy) did not have effective processes to ensure full compliance with The... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan Farmers vs the Chinese Government: Which One Is Goliath?

Disclosure: Writing this, I got to know a few of the farmers discussed below, and they got to know me, including what I really do to pay the bills - public relations (sadly, blog-writing is not the financial golden goose you'd think it would be) (sarcasm). We entered into a contract earlier this month wherein I agreed to consult... Continue Reading →

Should a Cash-Strapped Saskatchewan Be Funding ‘Independent’ Schools?

The following was written for this blog by Jillian Bell, or as you may know her from Twitter, @cenobyte. The issue was sparked by an episode of CBC's The Current, which aired last Friday, debating the issue of taxpayers funding private schools. Saskatchewan is one of the five provinces in Canada to do this. She's... Continue Reading →

“It’s the F**king Apocalypse”: Terrifying, Heart-Pounding Video From #ymmfire

I'm flying into Los Angeles in a few hours, and I'm going to give Hollywood the big middle finger as I drive by, because there is absolutely NOTHING they could produce that could compare to this. I don't know who this dude is, but he captured un-f**king-believable high-definition footage of his escape from Fort McMurray's Beacon Hill with... Continue Reading →

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