Fixed Election Dates & Political Game-Playing

Yeah, I'm back to blogging (I think). More on that at a later date, including why I quit for a while and what I'm working on lately. For now, apologies for the mess around here. I am trying (and largely failing) to find the time to renovate. But as I started, mainly out of curiosity,... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan People Were Polled On Carbon Pricing & the Results Aren’t What You Think

I've always wanted to headline a post with clickbait. Preferably one that doesn't include swear words (many, many of you, especially my male readers and my mom, get quite disgusted when I do that). Will it work? Let's watch. It's true though. In a recent poll commissioned by Canada's Ecofiscal Commission and conducted by Abacus Data, people... Continue Reading →

Here’s Who’s Buying Saskatchewan’s Next Premier

Let's start with a few facts I think we can all agree on: Money is integral to the electoral process; campaigning to reach voters requires resources that aren't free. Equality - fairness - is integral to democracy. To reconcile those two facts, solid, effective legislation is required to create a level playing field. Legislation which... Continue Reading →

Premier Brad Wall and A&W: Why Is This a Thing?

I know zilch about farming or ranching, so let's get that out of the way. What I do know is marketing, and admittedly I have eaten fast food once or twice (today). I'm fascinated by Premier Brad Wall's trolling of A&W over their beef. Fascinated, because I know Wall understands the free-market, and certainly understands the... Continue Reading →

Dear Brad Wall… Do You Really Want To Go Out Like This?

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Brad Wall reign as Premier of Saskatchewan may be drawing to a close. The current theory is that Wall will resign in 2018, allowing him the opportunity to lead the SaskParty through its 20th anniversary in September 2017, and celebrate his 10th anniversary as Premier in November 2017. It also... Continue Reading →

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