More On the Prairie Spirit School Division – but Really, This Is About the Increasing Versions of Reality In This Province.

During last night’s televised circus leadership debate, Cam Broten and Brad Wall got into a slapfight argument over what exactly is going on with the Prairie Spirit School Division. “You’re misinformed,” insisted Wall. “Oh AS IF,” was Broten’s reply. Yeah that’s pretty much the entire hour in a nutshell. Wall did elaborate somewhat, indicating the PSSD’s funding […]

SHHH!! You’re Embarassing Me – #skvotes

This is absolutely extraordinary. Today Education Minister and Sask Party incumbent candidate Don Morgan lashed out at Larry Pavloff, Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD) board chair, for daring to share some pretty vital information with the division’s parents because  – GASP! – it could hamper the Sask Party’s election outcome. God forbid they only win 80 percent of Saskatchewan seats […]

Federal #Budget2016 & Saskatchewan: It’s Pretty Much What You Thought It Would Be.

Saskatchewan is definitely not getting $570mil in refunded equalization. We’re not getting anything, in fact. However, the federal government will provide advance fiscal stabilization payments of $251.4 million to Alberta, and $31.7 million to Newfoundland and Labrador with respect to 2015–16. Apparently we knew this already, though, and Wall is on the record stating we weren’t […]

I wonder what Allan Kerpan thinks?

He’s of the first Sask Party MLAs elected in Saskatchewan, and currently chairing a Sask Party campaign in Saskatoon. Definitely not a fan of drunk driving. In 2014 Kerpan’s 25-year-old daughter, Danille, had her life snuffed out in an instant, when her vehicle was hit head-on by a drunk driver on Highway 11. In January of 2016, after the […]

Quennell says it’s all about “voter suppression”.

Huh. The now former Saskatchewan NDP central campaign manager, Frank Quennell, says the outing of candidates who “crossed the line” (-Broten, March 12) on social media – specifically the candidate who made the horrific crack about the “abortion pill” was “voter suppression”. I don’t disagree with Quennell’s premise that this is political –  hello, we’re in the middle […]


From the Saskatchewan NDP Campaign ’16 braintrust today: “Funding reserve education is a federal responsibility. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged to take action on the issue, but nothing has been done yet…Broten said it’s an urgent issue of fairness and justice…As premier, he’d fund the schools “immediately” and then bill the federal government.” “…then […]