On balance, I’d say drunk driving twice, ever, is as bad as (worse than?) anything anyone could ever put on social media.

After a week of NDP candidates being thrown directly under the campaign bus for things they’ve said in the past, we now have a situation with a Sask Party candidate, and some things he’s done in the past. “Sunday, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix confirmed Canora-Pelly Saskatchewan Party candidate Terry Dennis has twice been found guilty of […]

March 13: #skvotes ridings to watch

Pollmaster (is that a word? It is now) Eric Grenier’s amazing site, threehundredeight.com, will be projecting the 2016 Saskatchewan election results throughout the writ period. Eric’s projections were stunningly close for the 2015 federal election, and overall have been extremely accurate since he started doing this five years ago. You can find his latest provincial […]

Speaking of delusional..

Mulcair’s moment: When defeated NDP leader decided to stay and fight “Tom Mulcair was leaving the national capital, his devastating federal election defeat still stinging, when he realized he wanted to stay on as leader of the NDP.” How do you not, at that same moment, think to yourself ‘But then again, maybe my political intuition […]

This guy is delusional.

From rabble.ca (which says a lot). After going on a excruciatingly long rant about why it’s all Brad Wall’s fault, and glaringly omitting major factors and issues to support his argument, the author goes on to ask: “Where is Tommy Douglas? Where is Saskatchewan’s Bernie Sanders? Where are the supporters of the province’s long-cherished collectivist nature? […]

It’s not the economy 2.0.

I’ve been ruminating over this notion that this month’s Saskatchewan election campaign is about the economy. Polls have shown that most respondents agree with that statement, and Premier Brad Wall has certainly reiterated it a number of times, but I couldn’t buy into it. People don’t sit around their kitchen tables and feel things about […]

Sask NDP dumps 2 more. And their campaign manager.

This is unbelievable. Two more Saskatchewan NDP candidates have been dumped by leader Cam Broten, bringing the number of casualties this to four. “At a hastily called news conference in Saskatoon Saturday morning, Broten also told assembled media that he has relieved provincial campaign manager Frank Quesnel of his duties.” Frank Quennel is a really nice […]

It’s not about the economy, stupid.

I love these Vote Compass reports from CBC Saskatchewan. The respondent pool is huge, which is nice, and even though they’re not pre-selected, respondents are polled from a non-random sample and weighted. In other words, it’s about as accurate as the next poll. This particular report cites what we’ve heard over and over again: 2016 […]

Another try.

Let’s give this another try. My first blog, five years ago, was a headache. The pressure to post was annoying. I was also far too ambitious on themes – this time around we’re sticking to politics. I’ll try to be fair, but what you’re going to find here is opinion, not news. Not my news, […]