Destroy Moonstone Bg3

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Destroy Moonstone Bg3

Destroying the Moonstone in Baldur's Gate 3: A Guide

The Moonstone is a powerful artifact in Baldur's Gate 3, capable of granting immense power to its wielder. However, its corrupting influence can also be a significant danger. If you're looking to rid the world of this dangerous artifact, you'll need to destroy the Moonstone. This guide will walk you through the process of destroying the Moonstone and explain why you might choose to do so.

Why Destroy the Moonstone?

The Moonstone is a powerful artifact, and while it can be used for good, its potential for evil is undeniable. Here are some compelling reasons why you might want to destroy the Moonstone:

  • Preventing its use by nefarious forces: The Moonstone is a coveted artifact, and many powerful individuals and organizations would seek to control it for their own ends. Destroying it ensures it cannot fall into the wrong hands.
  • Eliminating its corrupting influence: The Moonstone has a dark side, and exposure to it can corrupt even the most noble individuals. Destroying the Moonstone prevents its potential to influence and twist people's hearts.
  • Bringing balance to the world: The Moonstone's power is immense, and its existence can disrupt the natural balance of the world. Destroying the Moonstone helps restore balance and harmony.

How to Destroy the Moonstone

Destroying the Moonstone is no easy feat. It requires a combination of preparation, knowledge, and bravery. Here are the steps you'll need to take:

1. Find the Moonstone: The Moonstone is located within the Moonstone Mines, deep beneath the surface of the Forgotten Realms. You'll need to navigate through dangerous tunnels, fight powerful creatures, and solve puzzles to reach the chamber where the Moonstone is kept.

2. Obtain the Moonstone's Key: The Moonstone is locked away in a powerful enchantment. You'll need to find the Moonstone's Key to unlock its containment. The key is a hidden artifact, and its location is a secret known only to a few.

3. Find a powerful ritual: Once you have the Moonstone's Key, you'll need to find a suitable ritual to destroy it. The ritual requires specific materials and knowledge, and it's a dangerous and unpredictable process.

4. Prepare for the consequences: Destroying the Moonstone will have consequences. The world may experience significant changes, and the forces that sought to control the Moonstone may retaliate. Be prepared for the backlash and be ready to face whatever consequences arise.

Finding the Moonstone's Key:

The Moonstone's Key is a powerful artifact, and its location is a closely guarded secret. To find the key, you'll need to:

  • Investigate the rumors: Talk to merchants, travelers, and scholars to gather information about the Moonstone's Key. Some may have heard rumors about its location or its history.
  • Explore ancient ruins: The key is likely hidden in an ancient ruin or temple. Search for forgotten sites and hidden chambers where powerful artifacts are often stored.
  • Consult with experts: Talk to wizards, bards, and other knowledgeable individuals who may have knowledge of the key's location. They may have historical records or ancient texts that offer clues to its whereabouts.

Performing the Ritual:

Once you have the Moonstone's Key and have identified the correct ritual, you'll need to perform it flawlessly. The ritual will likely involve:

  • Gathering rare ingredients: The ritual will require specific ingredients, such as rare herbs, minerals, or artifacts. You'll need to search the world for these items.
  • Reciting ancient words: The ritual will involve reciting ancient words and phrases in a specific language. You'll need to find someone who knows the language or learn it yourself.
  • Focus and concentration: The ritual is dangerous and requires significant focus and concentration. Any distractions or errors could have devastating consequences.

Consequences of Destroying the Moonstone:

Destroying the Moonstone is a momentous decision with far-reaching consequences. The world may experience:

  • Shifts in the balance of power: The Moonstone's destruction will likely upset the balance of power in the world, as those who sought to control it will be left without their weapon.
  • Unexpected consequences: The Moonstone is a powerful artifact, and its destruction may have unforeseen consequences. Be prepared for changes that you cannot predict.
  • The wrath of those who sought to control it: Those who sought to control the Moonstone will not be happy to see it destroyed. Be prepared for retaliation and a fight for your survival.


Destroying the Moonstone is a challenging and dangerous task, but it can also be a noble endeavor. By eliminating this dangerous artifact, you can prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and ensure its corrupting influence is never felt. However, remember that this decision comes with significant consequences, and you must be prepared to face the challenges that arise.



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