How Much Is Turquoise Worth Per Pound

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How Much Is Turquoise Worth Per Pound

How Much is Turquoise Worth Per Pound?

Turquoise, a captivating gemstone known for its sky-blue to greenish-blue hues, has captivated civilizations for centuries. Its allure stems not only from its visual appeal but also from its historical significance and cultural value. While the price of turquoise varies greatly depending on various factors, understanding how much is turquoise worth per pound can shed light on this valuable gem's market dynamics.

Factors Influencing Turquoise Price Per Pound

The price of turquoise per pound is influenced by a complex interplay of factors, each contributing to the gemstone's overall value. Let's delve into the key elements that determine how much is turquoise worth per pound:

1. Quality:

  • Color: The most prized turquoise exhibits a vibrant, intense blue, often referred to as "robin's egg blue." Lighter shades or greenish hues command lower prices.
  • Clarity: Turquoise is typically opaque, meaning it doesn't allow light to pass through. However, some pieces display a subtle translucency that enhances their value. Inclusions, such as veins or cracks, can detract from clarity and lower the price.
  • Cut and Polish: A well-cut and polished turquoise reveals its inherent beauty and enhances its brilliance. Rough or poorly cut stones will be less valuable.
  • Treatment: Some turquoise undergoes treatments like stabilization or dyeing to enhance its color or durability. These treatments generally lower the price compared to untreated stones.

2. Origin:

  • Mine Location: Turquoise from specific mines, renowned for their exceptional quality or historical significance, commands a premium. For example, turquoise mined in the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona is highly sought after for its vivid blue color.
  • Country of Origin: Turquoise from different countries often has distinct characteristics. Turquoise from Iran, known for its rich blue color, may be valued differently from turquoise mined in China or the United States.

3. Size and Weight:

  • Large vs. Small: Larger pieces of turquoise, particularly those exceeding several pounds, are rarer and thus command higher prices per pound.
  • Weight: The weight of turquoise significantly influences its price. The heavier the stone, the more valuable it becomes.

4. Market Demand:

  • Rarity: Turquoise of exceptional quality and unique characteristics is often highly sought after by collectors, driving up its price.
  • Trends: Fashion trends, cultural influences, and the popularity of turquoise in jewelry designs can impact demand and, consequently, the price.

5. Historical Significance:

  • Age and Origin: Turquoise with a rich history or association with ancient civilizations, like the turquoise used in ancient Egyptian jewelry, can be incredibly valuable.
  • Cultural Importance: In certain cultures, turquoise holds significant religious or spiritual value, contributing to its price.

Examples of Turquoise Price Per Pound

While providing an exact price range for turquoise per pound is impossible due to the numerous factors influencing its value, here are some examples that illustrate the spectrum:

  • Low-quality, treated turquoise: $10 - $50 per pound
  • Medium-quality, untreated turquoise: $50 - $200 per pound
  • High-quality, untreated turquoise from a reputable mine: $200 - $1000 per pound
  • Exceptional quality, rare turquoise with historical significance: $1000+ per pound

Note: These prices are estimates and can vary significantly based on the specific factors mentioned above. Consulting with a reputable gemologist or dealer can provide more accurate assessments.

The Value of Turquoise Beyond Price

Turquoise's worth extends beyond its monetary value. It holds historical, cultural, and spiritual significance, making it a gem cherished for generations. Its ability to connect us to ancient civilizations, symbolize protection, and evoke a sense of peace adds depth to its appeal.

The how much is turquoise worth per pound question isn't merely about financial value but also about its role in human history, cultural heritage, and personal connection.


Understanding how much is turquoise worth per pound requires considering a multitude of factors, including quality, origin, size, market demand, and historical significance. While price can be a guide, it's crucial to remember that turquoise holds a deeper value that transcends its monetary worth. Its beauty, symbolism, and historical legacy make it a truly captivating gemstone, appreciated not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its rich cultural heritage.



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