Mtg Sunstone

9 min read Jul 01, 2024
Mtg Sunstone

Sunstone: A Powerful Enchantment for Your MTG Deck

The MTG Sunstone is a powerful enchantment card that can drastically change the way you play the game. It's a card that has been a staple in many decks since its release in the Modern Horizons set, and it continues to see play in various formats, including Modern, Legacy, and Commander. But why is the MTG Sunstone so popular? Let's dive into the reasons and explore how you can best utilize this powerful card in your decks.

Understanding the MTG Sunstone

The MTG Sunstone is an enchantment with the following text:

  • Enchant creature
  • Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has haste.
  • Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a player, you may put a +1/+1 counter on it.

At first glance, the MTG Sunstone may seem like a simple card, but its effects are incredibly powerful. It provides a significant boost to your creature's power and toughness, granting it haste, allowing it to attack immediately upon entering the battlefield. Additionally, the card's triggered ability lets you pump up your creature even further, making it a real threat on the battlefield.

Why the MTG Sunstone is so Powerful

The MTG Sunstone is powerful for several reasons:

  • Haste: This ability is a key factor in the card's effectiveness. It allows you to utilize your creatures immediately after summoning them, bypassing the usual waiting period. This is especially valuable in aggressive strategies where you want to apply pressure from the very beginning.
  • +2/+2 Boost: The MTG Sunstone provides a substantial boost to your creatures' power and toughness, making them more difficult to block and deal more damage. This can be a game-changer, especially when facing removal spells.
  • +1/+1 Counter Trigger: This ability is what sets the MTG Sunstone apart. It allows you to repeatedly increase your creature's power and toughness, effectively making it a growing threat that your opponent will struggle to contain.

How to Use the MTG Sunstone in Your Deck

The MTG Sunstone is a versatile card that can be used in various decks, but it shines particularly well in:

  • Aggressive Decks: The card's haste ability makes it a perfect fit for decks that want to apply early pressure. You can equip it to your aggressive creatures to quickly overwhelm your opponent.
  • Midrange Decks: The MTG Sunstone can be a valuable tool for midrange decks that need to both control the board and develop a strong creature presence. The card can provide the extra push your creatures need to close out the game.
  • Control Decks: While not as common, the MTG Sunstone can also be used in control decks that want to use creatures as threats. The card can give your creatures the necessary power to break through your opponent's defenses.

MTG Sunstone Synergies

The MTG Sunstone works well with a variety of cards, but here are a few specific synergies:

  • Creatures with Trample: Trample allows your creatures to deal excess damage to your opponent, making the MTG Sunstone's +1/+1 counter ability even more valuable.
  • Cards that Generate Tokens: Cards that generate multiple tokens can benefit greatly from the MTG Sunstone. You can equip one of these tokens, and it will quickly become a powerful threat.
  • Cards that Give Creatures Keywords: The MTG Sunstone complements cards that give your creatures keywords like First Strike or Double Strike, making them even more impactful.

Tips for Using the MTG Sunstone

  • Equip Early: The MTG Sunstone is most effective when you equip it to your creatures early in the game. This allows your creatures to quickly grow in power and apply pressure.
  • Target the Right Creature: While the MTG Sunstone can be used on any creature, it's most effective when equipped to creatures that will deal damage to your opponent.
  • Consider the Cost: The MTG Sunstone is a two-mana enchantment, which can be expensive if you're playing an aggressive deck. You want to make sure you have enough mana to play it and equip it to a creature.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Sacrifice: If your MTG Sunstone is a liability, don't be afraid to sacrifice it to another creature or spell. This is especially important if you need to clear the board or counter a threat.

The MTG Sunstone in Different Formats

The MTG Sunstone sees play in a variety of formats, and its effectiveness can vary depending on the format:

  • Modern: The MTG Sunstone is a popular card in Modern, seeing play in a variety of decks, including Red Aggro, Green Devotion, and various midrange strategies.
  • Legacy: The MTG Sunstone is also a popular card in Legacy, but it's often overshadowed by other powerful enchantments. However, it can still see play in aggressive strategies.
  • Commander: The MTG Sunstone is a popular card in Commander, as it can be used in both aggressive and midrange strategies. Its ability to grow your creatures over time makes it a valuable asset in this format.


The MTG Sunstone is a powerful enchantment that can drastically change the way you play the game. It's a versatile card that can be used in a variety of decks, and its ability to provide a significant boost to your creatures' power and toughness, coupled with the haste ability, makes it a formidable weapon on the battlefield. Whether you're playing aggressively, controlling the board, or simply seeking to strengthen your creature presence, the MTG Sunstone is a card worth considering for your next MTG deck.



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