Severum Turquoise

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Severum Turquoise

The Alluring Beauty of the Severum Turquoise: A Comprehensive Guide

The Severum Turquoise (scientific name: Heros severus) is a captivating freshwater fish known for its vibrant blue-green coloration and striking beauty. This species, native to the Amazon River basin, is a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts, adding a touch of elegance and wonder to any tank.

The Severum Turquoise: An Overview

The Severum Turquoise is a cichlid fish, renowned for its intelligence and fascinating behavior. These fish are known to be active swimmers, showcasing impressive agility and grace as they navigate their environment. Their distinctive color pattern, characterized by a rich turquoise base punctuated by black markings, makes them instantly recognizable and a visual delight.

Appearance and Characteristics

The Severum Turquoise typically reaches a size of 6-8 inches in length, making them a substantial addition to any aquarium. Their body shape is laterally compressed, resembling a disk, and their fins are broad and fan-like, enhancing their graceful movement.

The Severum Turquoise's defining characteristic is its stunning coloration. The base color is a mesmerizing turquoise, which can vary in intensity depending on the individual fish's age and genetics. This turquoise base is adorned with a series of black markings, creating a unique and visually arresting pattern. These markings can appear as vertical bars, spots, or stripes, further enhancing the fish's intricate beauty.

Habitat and Care

To ensure the well-being of your Severum Turquoise, replicating their natural habitat is crucial. These fish thrive in water with a pH range of 6.0-7.5, a temperature of 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit, and moderate hardness. A planted aquarium, with hiding places such as driftwood and rocks, is ideal for providing them with a sense of security and stimulating their natural behavior.

Feeding the Severum Turquoise

The Severum Turquoise is an omnivorous fish, meaning it consumes both plant and animal matter. A varied diet is essential for their health and vibrant coloration. They appreciate a combination of live foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and mosquito larvae, along with high-quality commercial flakes and pellets.

It is important to note that Severum Turquoise can be prone to overeating. It is recommended to feed them small portions twice a day to avoid bloating and digestive issues.

Social Behavior and Compatibility

The Severum Turquoise is generally considered a peaceful fish, making it an excellent choice for community tanks. However, it is important to select tank mates carefully, as they can exhibit territorial behavior, especially during breeding season.

Here are some general guidelines for selecting compatible tank mates:

  • Other peaceful cichlids: Discus, Angels, and other peaceful cichlids can co-exist with the Severum Turquoise.
  • Larger tetras and barbs: Fish like Giant Danios and Harlequin Rasboras can tolerate the Severum Turquoise's presence.
  • Catfish: Corydoras catfish and other bottom dwellers are suitable tank mates, as they will occupy a different niche within the aquarium.

It is important to avoid pairing the Severum Turquoise with aggressive or smaller fish that may be susceptible to being harassed.

Breeding the Severum Turquoise

The Severum Turquoise is a relatively easy fish to breed in captivity. They are known for their parental care, with both male and female parents sharing the responsibility of guarding the eggs and fry.

To encourage breeding, it is essential to provide a suitable environment. This includes a well-planted aquarium with a large, flat rock or slate for the fish to lay their eggs on. The water parameters should be optimal, and the fish should be well-fed with a diet rich in protein.

Once the fish have laid their eggs, the parents will diligently guard them and fan them with their fins to ensure their oxygenation. The fry will hatch within a few days and will initially rely on their yolk sac for nourishment. After a few weeks, the fry will begin to accept small, finely ground food.

Health and Disease

The Severum Turquoise is generally a hardy fish, but like all aquarium species, they can be susceptible to diseases. Common issues include:

  • Ich: A parasitic infection that causes white spots on the fish's body.
  • Fin rot: An infection that affects the fins, often caused by poor water quality.
  • Swim bladder disease: A condition that affects the fish's ability to swim properly.

Regular water changes, a balanced diet, and appropriate tank conditions are crucial for preventing diseases. If you notice any signs of illness, it is essential to isolate the affected fish and seek veterinary advice.

The Severum Turquoise: A Delightful Addition to Your Aquarium

The Severum Turquoise is a captivating and beautiful fish that can add a touch of elegance to any aquarium. Their striking turquoise coloration, graceful movements, and fascinating behavior make them a popular choice for hobbyists of all experience levels.

With proper care and attention, Severum Turquoise can thrive in your aquarium, providing years of enjoyment and wonder. Their intelligence and unique personality make them a rewarding fish to own, offering an enriching and interactive experience for aquarium enthusiasts.


The Severum Turquoise is a stunning freshwater fish known for its vibrant coloration, graceful movements, and fascinating personality. Their peaceful nature makes them a suitable addition to community tanks, while their breeding habits offer a rewarding experience for those interested in breeding. By providing them with a well-maintained aquarium, a varied diet, and appropriate tank mates, you can ensure the health and happiness of your Severum Turquoise, creating a captivating centerpiece for your aquatic world.



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