Sunstone Viking Sun Compass

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Sunstone Viking Sun Compass

The Sunstone: A Viking's Guide to the Sun

The vast and mysterious expanse of the North Sea was a formidable obstacle for the Vikings. These hardy seafarers, known for their raiding and exploration, navigated this treacherous waterway with remarkable skill and determination. While the stars played a crucial role in their celestial navigation, the Vikings had another secret weapon: the sunstone. This enigmatic mineral, which has captivated both historians and scientists for centuries, provided them with an invaluable tool for navigating the sun, even in cloudy or overcast conditions.

What is a Sunstone?

A sunstone, also known as a feldspar, is a type of mineral that possesses a unique optical property known as "schiller." This phenomenon allows the stone to reflect and scatter light, creating a shimmering effect that is visible even when the sun is obscured by clouds. The Vikings, who were skilled in observing natural phenomena, recognized the potential of the sunstone for navigation.

The Sunstone as a Viking Compass

The sunstone likely played a crucial role in the Vikings' navigation system. While the exact mechanisms of its use remain debated, historians and scientists have proposed several theories:

  • Polarization: Some believe that the Vikings used sunstones to identify the direction of the sun's polarized light. Polarized light is light that vibrates in a single plane, and its direction can be determined by using a polarizing filter. The Vikings could have used a sunstone as a natural polarizing filter to find the sun's position, even on cloudy days.
  • Scattering: Another theory suggests that the Vikings used the sunstone to detect the position of the sun based on the intensity of scattered light. The sunstone would have scattered more light when the sun was directly overhead, and less light when the sun was at a lower angle. This information could then be used to determine the sun's position.

Evidence of the Sunstone's Use

Although no direct evidence exists of sunstones being used for navigation, several historical accounts suggest their use by the Vikings. The Icelandic sagas, which recount the exploits of the Vikings, mention a "sunstone" that was used for navigation. Additionally, archaeologists have discovered several sunstones in Viking shipwrecks, further supporting the hypothesis that the Vikings used these minerals for navigation.

The Sunstone and Its Role in Viking Exploration

The sunstone played a pivotal role in enabling the Vikings to explore and conquer new lands. Its ability to detect the sun's position, even in cloudy conditions, allowed them to navigate accurately across vast stretches of the North Sea. It was crucial in their voyages to Iceland, Greenland, and even North America.

The Sunstone: A Legacy of Innovation

The Vikings' use of the sunstone is a testament to their ingenuity and their deep understanding of the natural world. This ancient tool, which has captured the imagination of scientists and historians alike, provided the Vikings with a crucial advantage in their exploration of the world. The sunstone remains a reminder of the Vikings' remarkable ability to harness the power of nature for their own purposes.

The Mystery Continues: Unlocking the Secrets of the Sunstone

Despite extensive research, the exact mechanisms by which the Vikings used the sunstone remain a mystery. Modern scientists are continuing to investigate the properties of the sunstone and its potential applications in navigation. By understanding the Vikings' use of this ancient tool, we can gain insights into their remarkable seafaring abilities and their legacy of innovation.

The Sunstone: A Treasure Trove of Knowledge

The sunstone represents a fascinating confluence of history, science, and archaeology. It serves as a reminder of the Vikings' adventurous spirit and their remarkable skills in navigation. As we continue to unravel the secrets of this enigmatic mineral, we can appreciate the ingenuity of the Vikings and their profound connection to the natural world.


The sunstone, a vital tool for the Vikings' navigation, has left an indelible mark on history. Its use as a sun compass allowed these intrepid seafarers to conquer the vast expanse of the North Sea and embark on voyages of discovery. While the exact mechanisms of its use remain debated, the evidence for the sunstone's importance in Viking exploration is compelling. As we continue to learn about the sunstone, we gain a deeper understanding of the Vikings' remarkable ability to harness the power of nature for their own purposes.



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