Terraria Sunstone

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Terraria Sunstone

Terraria Sunstone: A Guide to Finding and Using This Powerful Gem

Terraria is a vast and constantly evolving world, full of secrets and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Among these treasures is the sunstone, a powerful gem that can greatly enhance your gameplay. It's not always easy to find, but the rewards are worth the effort. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about sunstones, from where to find them to how to use them effectively.

Understanding the Sunstone

The sunstone is a rare and valuable crafting material in Terraria. It's a gem with a distinct fiery orange color that's reminiscent of the sun. This gem has several key uses, making it a sought-after item for seasoned Terraria players.

Here's what makes the sunstone stand out:

  • Crafting Powerful Equipment: The sunstone is primarily used for crafting high-level gear. It's a key ingredient in creating powerful armor, weapons, and accessories that offer significant advantages in combat and exploration.
  • Boosting Your Magic: The sunstone is especially useful for mages. It's used to craft various magic-focused items, including the powerful Sunfury, a devastating mage weapon.
  • Uncommon and Valuable: Due to its rarity, the sunstone is highly valuable. You can use it to trade with NPCs for rare items or simply sell it for a decent profit.

Where to Find Sunstones

Sunstones aren't readily available in Terraria. You'll need to venture into specific areas and utilize some strategic approaches to find them.

Here are the most common places to find sunstones:

  • Crimson World: The Crimson world is a hostile biome known for its intense red color and blood-like substances. The sunstone can be found as a rare drop from Crimson enemies.
  • Underground Crimson: This is the underground variant of the Crimson biome. It offers a higher chance of finding sunstones compared to the surface.
  • The Underworld: The Underworld is a dangerous area beneath the surface. Sunstones are a rare loot drop from Underworld enemies.
  • Caves: Explore various caves, particularly those found within the Crimson biome or Underworld. These caves often house sunstone deposits.

Tips for Finding Sunstones:

  • Use a pickaxe with a high pickaxe power: This ensures you can break through the rocks and blocks that might be hiding sunstones.
  • Utilize a Mining Potion: This potion increases your pickaxe power for a short duration, making it easier to break blocks and find sunstones.
  • Focus on underground areas: The Crimson biome and the Underworld have higher chances of containing sunstones compared to surface areas.
  • Be patient and persistent: Finding sunstones can be a challenging task. Don't get discouraged and continue exploring and mining until you find them.

Crafting With Sunstones

Now that you know how to find sunstones, it's time to explore their crafting potential. Here are some of the most noteworthy items you can craft with sunstones:

  • Sunfury: This is a powerful mage weapon that fires projectiles that deal substantial damage and set enemies on fire.
  • Solar Armor: A set of armor that offers excellent defense and bonuses to your magic damage output.
  • Sun Stone Pendant: This accessory enhances your magic damage, making it a valuable asset for mages.
  • Sun Stone Staff: A magic staff that shoots projectiles that deal both damage and inflict the "on fire" debuff on enemies.

These are just a few examples of the many items you can craft using sunstones. You can find detailed crafting recipes and guides online or within the Terraria Wiki.


The sunstone is a valuable and powerful resource in Terraria. It can be used to craft essential gear that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, especially for mages. While finding sunstones might require some effort, their rewards are well worth the challenge. So equip yourself, explore the world, and discover the potential of this fiery gem.



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