Turquoise Price

6 min read Jul 01, 2024
Turquoise Price

The Alluring Appeal of Turquoise: A Look at its Price and Value

Turquoise, a gemstone known for its captivating blue-green hues, has captivated humans for centuries. Its allure stems from its vibrant color, its association with good fortune, and its historical significance. But beyond its aesthetic appeal lies another factor that drives its popularity: turquoise price.

Understanding the turquoise price is essential for anyone interested in buying, selling, or simply appreciating this beautiful gemstone. The price of turquoise is influenced by a complex interplay of factors, including quality, origin, treatment, and market demand.

Factors Influencing Turquoise Price

1. Quality: The most significant factor determining turquoise price is its quality. High-quality turquoise exhibits vibrant, consistent color, a smooth, polished surface, and minimal inclusions (natural imperfections).

  • Color: The most sought-after turquoise possesses a rich, vibrant blue-green color.
  • Clarity: Turquoise with minimal inclusions and a clear, translucent appearance is considered more valuable.
  • Hardness: The hardness of turquoise is measured on the Mohs scale, and a higher hardness score indicates greater durability and resistance to scratches.

2. Origin: The geographical origin of turquoise plays a crucial role in its price.

  • Persian Turquoise (Nishapur): This turquoise, originating from Iran, is highly prized for its rich, deep blue color.
  • American Turquoise (Arizona, Nevada, Colorado): Known for its diverse range of colors, from sky blue to greenish-blue, American turquoise is popular among collectors.
  • Other Origins: Turquoise from China, Tibet, and Chile also contribute to the global market.

3. Treatments:

  • Stabilization: Some turquoise is stabilized to improve its durability and color consistency. This process, while enhancing the gemstone, can lower its value.
  • Dyeing: While uncommon, some turquoise may be dyed to enhance its color. This practice significantly reduces its value and is considered unethical by many.

4. Market Demand:

  • Rarity: Rare varieties of turquoise, such as the highly sought-after "spiderweb" turquoise, command significantly higher prices.
  • Fashion Trends: Trends in jewelry design and color preferences can influence the demand for turquoise and subsequently its price.

Understanding Turquoise Price Ranges

Turquoise price can range widely, from a few dollars for low-quality, treated pieces to thousands of dollars for rare, high-quality specimens.

  • Lower-Quality Turquoise: This type, often treated and with less vibrant color, may be priced from a few dollars per carat to tens of dollars per carat.
  • Mid-Range Turquoise: Originating from reputable sources like Arizona or Nevada, this turquoise may cost from tens of dollars per carat to several hundred dollars per carat.
  • High-Quality Turquoise: This includes rare and highly desirable varieties, such as the Persian turquoise, and can fetch prices upwards of several hundred to thousands of dollars per carat.

Turquoise can also be priced based on its weight and cut.

  • Cabochon Cut: This is the most common cut for turquoise and is typically priced per carat.
  • Beads: The price of turquoise beads is usually determined by the bead size, quality, and quantity.

Tips for Buying Turquoise

  • Research: Learn about the different types, qualities, and origins of turquoise before making a purchase.
  • Ask Questions: Inquire about the origin, treatment, and any certifications related to the turquoise.
  • Seek Reputable Dealers: Purchase turquoise from reputable jewelers or dealers who offer a guarantee of authenticity and quality.
  • Examine the Gemstone: Observe the color, clarity, and presence of any inclusions.
  • Compare Prices: Get quotes from different dealers to ensure you are getting a fair price.


The turquoise price is a complex matter influenced by numerous factors. Understanding these factors allows you to make informed decisions when purchasing or selling this captivating gemstone. Whether you are drawn to its vibrant blue-green hues or its rich history and cultural significance, turquoise remains a treasure sought after for its beauty and value. By approaching your purchase with knowledge and discernment, you can acquire a turquoise piece that you will cherish for years to come.



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