Turquoise Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

7 min read Jul 01, 2024
Turquoise Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

The Turquoise Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure: A Vibrant Companion

The turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conure is a captivating bird known for its striking plumage and playful personality. This small parrot species, native to South America, has become increasingly popular as a pet due to its relatively manageable size and engaging temperament.

Distinctive Features of the Turquoise Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure

The turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conure is easily identifiable by its bright green body, which is punctuated by a vibrant turquoise patch on the side of its head, extending from the eye to the neck. This turquoise patch is what gives the bird its name. The underside of the wings, the tail feathers, and the back of the neck are a vibrant yellow, adding another layer of color to its already impressive plumage.

Personality and Temperament

Turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conures are known for their playful and affectionate personalities. They are highly social birds who crave attention and interaction with their owners. These conures are known to be quite vocal, often engaging in chattering, whistling, and mimicking sounds. While their vocalizations can be quite loud, they are generally not considered overly noisy.

Housing and Care

Providing the proper housing and care for a turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conure is crucial for its well-being. These birds require a spacious cage with plenty of room for perching, climbing, and playing. A cage size of at least 24 inches by 24 inches by 36 inches is recommended.

Essential Cage Accessories:

  • Perches: Provide a variety of perches with different textures and diameters to mimic the natural environment and encourage foot health.
  • Toys: Turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conures are intelligent birds who love to play. Provide a variety of toys to stimulate their mental and physical well-being, including swings, bells, and foraging toys.
  • Food and Water Dishes: Clean food and water dishes should be available at all times.
  • A Cuttlebone: This provides calcium for healthy bones and beaks.


Turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conures require a balanced diet consisting of high-quality pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and occasional treats.

Recommended Food Options:

  • Parrot Pellets: These are the foundation of a healthy diet, providing essential nutrients and vitamins.
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables daily, including apples, bananas, berries, carrots, spinach, and broccoli.
  • Seeds: Limit seed intake, as they are high in fat and can lead to obesity.
  • Treats: Occasionally provide healthy treats like nuts, cooked pasta, or a small amount of cooked rice.


Turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conures are highly trainable and can learn a variety of tricks and words. Early socialization and consistent training are crucial for a well-adjusted and happy bird.

Training Tips:

  • Positive Reinforcement: Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as praise, treats, and petting, to encourage desired behaviors.
  • Consistency: Be consistent with training sessions, establishing a daily routine.
  • Patience: Training takes time and patience. Don't become discouraged if your bird doesn't learn a new trick right away.

Health Concerns

Turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conures are generally healthy birds, but they are susceptible to certain health problems.

Common Health Concerns:

  • Feather Plucking: This can be caused by stress, boredom, or nutritional deficiencies.
  • Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD): This is a fatal disease that affects the digestive system.
  • Bacterial and Fungal Infections: These can be caused by poor hygiene or exposure to other infected birds.

Preventing Health Issues:

  • Regular Veterinary Checkups: Schedule regular veterinary checkups for your turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conure to ensure optimal health.
  • Proper Diet: Provide a balanced and nutritious diet to support overall health.
  • Stress Reduction: Create a calm and stimulating environment to minimize stress.


The turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conure is a vibrant and engaging bird that can make a wonderful companion. Their playful personalities, striking plumage, and relatively manageable size make them a popular choice for both experienced and novice bird owners. By providing proper housing, nutrition, and care, you can ensure a long and happy life for your turquoise yellow-sided green cheek conure. Remember that these birds thrive on interaction and stimulation, so make sure to spend quality time with your conure each day, providing plenty of playtime and training opportunities.



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