Varis 86

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Varis 86

The Varis 86: A Symphony of Performance and Style

The Toyota 86, also known as the Subaru BRZ, is a beloved sports car renowned for its nimble handling and engaging driving experience. However, for those seeking to push the boundaries of performance and aesthetics, aftermarket modifications become essential. Enter Varis, a Japanese tuning company specializing in high-quality aerodynamic components, and their iconic Varis 86 package.

The Varis 86 represents a harmonious blend of performance and style, transforming the 86 into a true head-turner on the road and track. It's more than just a cosmetic upgrade; it's a comprehensive package designed to enhance both the visual appeal and driving dynamics of the already impressive 86.

The Varis 86: A Closer Look

The Varis 86 package consists of a wide range of components, each carefully engineered to deliver maximum performance and visual impact.

Aerodynamics that Matter

The most prominent feature of the Varis 86 is its aggressive aerodynamic kit. This kit includes a front bumper with large air intakes, side skirts that channel air smoothly along the car's flanks, a rear diffuser that promotes downforce and stability, and a rear wing that maximizes downforce at high speeds. These components not only enhance the car's visual appeal but also contribute significantly to its performance on the track.

The Varis 86 front bumper features a distinctive design that not only enhances the car's visual appeal but also optimizes airflow for better engine cooling and downforce generation. The large air intakes direct cool air towards the radiator, ensuring optimal engine temperature even during intense track sessions.

The side skirts, seamlessly integrated with the car's bodywork, help to channel air smoothly along the car's flanks, reducing drag and improving stability at high speeds. This not only enhances the car's handling but also improves fuel efficiency.

The rear diffuser, another key element of the Varis 86 aerodynamic kit, plays a crucial role in generating downforce and reducing drag. Its intricate design helps to accelerate air flow under the car, creating a low-pressure zone that forces the car towards the ground, improving traction and stability.

The rear wing, a signature element of the Varis 86 package, is meticulously designed to maximize downforce at high speeds. Its adjustable angle allows drivers to fine-tune the amount of downforce generated, ensuring optimal stability and grip depending on the track conditions.

A Symphony of Carbon Fiber

Varis is renowned for its extensive use of carbon fiber, a lightweight and incredibly strong material that offers significant advantages in terms of performance and aesthetics.

The Varis 86 package features a host of carbon fiber components, including the front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear wing. These carbon fiber elements not only contribute to the car's sleek and aggressive appearance but also significantly reduce its overall weight, further enhancing its performance.

The carbon fiber components are not only lightweight but also incredibly strong, ensuring durability and longevity. They also offer a unique and striking visual appeal, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Varis is known for.

Wheels and Suspension for Optimal Handling

The Varis 86 package is not limited to aerodynamic enhancements; it also includes upgrades to the car's wheels and suspension to further enhance its handling and performance.

Varis offers a range of lightweight and high-performance wheels specifically designed for the 86. These wheels, available in various sizes and finishes, provide a perfect balance of weight and strength, ensuring optimal grip and responsiveness.

To complement the upgraded wheels, Varis also offers a range of suspension components, including springs, dampers, and sway bars. These components work in unison to lower the car's ride height, increase its responsiveness, and improve its cornering stability. The Varis 86 suspension setup offers a perfect balance between comfort and performance, ensuring a thrilling driving experience without sacrificing ride quality.

The Varis 86: More Than Just Performance

While the Varis 86 package is designed to enhance the car's performance on the track, it also adds a touch of exclusivity and sophistication to its visual appeal.

The Varis 86 features a range of unique design elements that set it apart from other 86 models. The aggressive aerodynamic kit, the carbon fiber components, and the carefully selected wheels combine to create a truly head-turning appearance.

The Varis 86 is a testament to the artistry and engineering prowess of Varis, a company that understands the importance of balancing performance and style. It's a package that not only enhances the car's driving dynamics but also elevates its visual appeal to new heights.


The Varis 86 is a must-have for any 86 owner seeking to elevate their car's performance and style. Its comprehensive package, featuring meticulously engineered aerodynamic components, lightweight carbon fiber elements, and carefully selected wheels and suspension upgrades, transforms the 86 into a true track weapon. It's a package that not only enhances the car's driving dynamics but also elevates its visual appeal to new heights, turning heads wherever it goes. The Varis 86 is a testament to the company's commitment to delivering high-quality performance upgrades and exquisite aesthetics, making it the ultimate choice for 86 enthusiasts seeking to unleash the full potential of their beloved sports car.



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