Here’s the Problem With Grant Devine

It was circa 1996ish, in the lobby of Centennial Auditorium (today TCU Place) when I first saw former Saskatchewan Premier Grant Devine in person. I was surprised to note there were no horns protruding from his forehead. He wasn’t skulking or hiding his face; in fact, it lit up as he strode through the crowd... Continue Reading →

Dear Brad Wall… Do You Really Want To Go Out Like This?

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Brad Wall reign as Premier of Saskatchewan may be drawing to a close. The current theory is that Wall will resign in 2018, allowing him the opportunity to lead the SaskParty through its 20th anniversary in September 2017, and celebrate his 10th anniversary as Premier in November 2017. It also... Continue Reading →

Remember That Time Bill Hutchinson Staged a One-Act Play In a Food Court?

As you already know, Brad Wall was in La Ronge on Monday. At the same time, his opponent, Cam Broten, was at the opposite end of the province, hitting up Moose Jaw and Regina. In Moose Jaw, Broten used two local restaurants - the Deja Vu Café (which looks like it has the best milkshakes... Continue Reading →

CUPE Debates. Alternate Title: If Hillary Clinton Showed Up At a Trump Rally.

Today I'm peeling back the curtain on a classic election campaign tradition, one that is remarkably useless at the strategic level. I'm talking about the "all-candidates debate", which is always hosted during the writ period, and almost always by extremely, even overtly, partisan organizations. This year's culprit is 'Own Your Saskatchewan', a sub-campaign of the ultra leftwing, and increasingly... Continue Reading →

66 of 122 #skvotes candidates have not registered their personal website domains.

If you are ever planning on running for public office, register your name as a domain. Even if you aren't planning on running for public office, register your name as a domain. Because some people are dicks. So, as a public service to the 122 candidates running for the two main parties, I present a list... Continue Reading →

an actual advertising campaign the 2007 Sask NDP thought you’d totally love and relate to.

You know how they say the definition of doing something over and over and over again, without achieving the desired result, is insanity? Saskatchewan NDP, you need therapy. "...what sell-off plan is Mr. Wall hiding?" Broten asked reporters yesterday, presumably not rhetorically, and in hopes someone would give him the answer. Anyone. Do you remember when... Continue Reading →

you’d be amazed how forgiving people are when they sense you’re not lying to them.

Recently someone told me they hoped that someday I would run for elected office, either municipally or provincially. Wait, don’t call your realtor yet. Being a candidate is not high up on my list of things to do. Besides, if I did run, I’d have to be honest and transparent. I’d have to tell perfect... Continue Reading →

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