You are screaming into a vacuum.

A new #skvotes poll! It’s like Christmas morning over and over, all month. Brought to you by Mainstreet Research, who surveyed a random sample of 1577 Saskatchewan residents by both landline and cellphone on March 15th, 2016, here’s the goods: The overall “which party would you vote for today” numbers are a yawner, again. With the exception of a […]

an actual advertising campaign the 2007 Sask NDP thought you’d totally love and relate to.

You know how they say the definition of doing something over and over and over again, without achieving the desired result, is insanity? Saskatchewan NDP, you need therapy. “…what sell-off plan is Mr. Wall hiding?” Broten asked reporters yesterday, presumably not rhetorically, and in hopes someone would give him the answer. Anyone. Do you remember when […]