Saskatchewan’s Education Minister Gave a Speech Last Week and It Will Blow Your Mind (No, Not in a Good Way)

Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota Sask Party MLA Bronwyn Eyre has a rich history of opining on education and educational institutes. In 2010 Eyre wrote a newspaper column entitled 'The Slippery Slope of Sexual Education', wherein she questions whether Grade 5 students need to be taught the anatomically-correct terminology for the reproductive system, or Grade 6 students the... Continue Reading →

In Purgatory: The Saskatchewan Catholic Education System Court Ruling

Allow me to begin by grossly over-simplifying history. The year was 2003. 50 Cent had just burst on to the scene to educate us on the correct spelling of P-I-M-P and just as importantly, that he was into sex, not making love, resulting in a new anthem (and hilarious Jesus-memes) for birthday-celebrators everywhere. Tucked away on the eastern edge of... Continue Reading →

Screwing With a Century-Old System: A Brief History of Libraries In Saskatchewan

"In times of economic hardship such as we’re going through right now, libraries are used even more by people than they are in good times... with the cut-backs that the libraries have suffered, library boards have had to reduce the service that they’ve been able to provide to people. They’ve had to reduce their material... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan’s Budget 2017: The Good, the Bad…Actually Let’s Just Say It’s a Bloodbath

I wanted to title this post 'Saskatchewan Budget 2017: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', but it didn't work out, because there's nothing good about it. If I had stayed with that theme, I could have gone with something like 'Saskatchewan Budget 2017: A Little Bit Okay and OMG ARE YOU %#@& SERIOUS?!' It's pretty... Continue Reading →

Saskabroke Education: Provincial Politics, Priorities, and Pandering.

There's no doubt changes are coming to the way education is delivered in Saskatchewan. The status quo isn't sustainable: funding for K-12 education in Saskatchewan has gone up 170% since 2008, while enrolment has only gone up 7%. What's troubling is where that funding has gone, and what's likely going to happen next. First, a bit of... Continue Reading →

SaskaBroke: The Demonization of Public Service and Where All That Money Really Came From

We can all agree on one thing, so let's start there: Saskatchewan is broke. Okay, two things - we all know resource revenues are low. Oil prices plunged two years ago, in January 2015, and have stayed low ever since. The potash market is stagnant. But this notion, peddled by the Saskatchewan government, that our... Continue Reading →

Should a Cash-Strapped Saskatchewan Be Funding ‘Independent’ Schools?

The following was written for this blog by Jillian Bell, or as you may know her from Twitter, @cenobyte. The issue was sparked by an episode of CBC's The Current, which aired last Friday, debating the issue of taxpayers funding private schools. Saskatchewan is one of the five provinces in Canada to do this. She's... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan Schools: The Hamsters Turning the Wheels Are Tired.

Updated: just heard from a bunch of you that this is a provincial issue, not local to Saskatoon. Edited the title and added those thoughts below. April 26, 2016: updated again at bottom of post. Apparently it's 1995 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan schools. When it comes to technology, anyway. I just got an email from my son's... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan’s P3 Schools: Bundles of Fun

If your kid is going to school in a classroom that resembles a janitorial closet, you don't care how the new school in your area is being built. I get it. Overcrowded schools are a huge issue in our province; we've seen classrooms set up in school boot rooms, hallways, decommissioned science labs, art rooms and even... Continue Reading →

This Is Not A Drill – My Son’s School Went On Lockdown Today & It Was Ridiculous.

April 18, 2016: Please see update at the bottom of this post. When I went to school, we had Fire Drills. A noisy, but usually exciting affair. The alarm was violently loud. After it went off, scaring us shitless, we would line up beside our desks and dutifully march outside. A quick scan of the exterior... Continue Reading →

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