PART 2 – Sask Party Leadership Race Candidates & the GTH: Here’s What You Need to Know

Check out Part 1 here for what you need to know about each candidate's campaign.  The nomination deadline for the Saskatchewan Party to select the successor to Brad Wall—and by extension, the next premier of Saskatchewan—has passed. Ballots have been mailed out to party members and now we await the results, which will play out on January... Continue Reading →

Now, Instead of One Sketchy-Land-Deal-Headache at the GTH, the Saskatchewan Gov’t Has Two

In my last post we went over some of the complex but disturbing developments revealed by the CBC's iTeam regarding the origins of Brightenview, the company with which the Saskatchewan government has jumped into bed as proof their Global Transportation Hub is a viable project. Wait til you hear what Leo and the CBC uncovered next. Imagine,... Continue Reading →

A Quick & Dirty Hot Take On the Auditor, “wrongdoing” & the GTH.

"...did not find evidence of conflicts of interest, or indications of fraud or wrongdoing." Sound familiar? That's the line from the Saskatchewan Auditor that the provincial government has used over 60 times - in the last two weeks! - in the Saskatchewan Legislature, to defend their government from the increasing towering stack of evidence that... Continue Reading →

(Pt 2) Auditor’s Report On GTH: Not What We Asked For

If you read my previous blog post, you may have figured out I'm not impressed with the June 30th Saskatchewan auditor's report on the Global Transportation Hub (GTH). The following are a few samples, all taken directly from the document, of where, in my useless opinion, the report glosses over details it shouldn't have; accepted statements at face... Continue Reading →

(Pt 1) Auditor’s Report On GTH: Covered In Blood and Holding a Knife

I've been trying to write about the auditor's report into Saskatchewan's Global Transportation Hub, for a week. Friends who would know better than I, insist that Saskatchewan auditor Judy Ferguson is fair and measured. That she follows her mandate to the letter. I've been trying to roll with the notion that it was just a coincidence... Continue Reading →

“One of the Fastest Growing Companies In Canada”: Brad Wall, Lorne Nystrom & the GTH

Today CTV Saskatoon and Regina have been airing a taped interview with Sask Party Leader Brad Wall. Inevitably, the host asked Wall about Saskatchewan's Global Transportation Hub. You can watch the full video here. If you're not familiar with the story, there's background here, and here. I'm struggling with Wall's interview - specifically, his arguments in favor of the deal... Continue Reading →

Ham, Turkey and Diabetic Shock: Saskatchewan’s GTH.

I can't quite believe I'm writing about the GTH again, but I'm in that sweet spot between ham coma and turkey paralysis, so figured I may as well take advantage of the lucidity. Either way, I've been trying to wrap my head how Marquart's appraisal (herein "The Appraisal") landed at $129,000 per acre in the first place, when all other appraisals for... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan’s Global Transportation Hub & The Mystery of the Only Document That Would Make This Go Away.

7:30pm: have added an update at the bottom of this post. Before I begin, I want to acknowledge the lawsuit Boyd dropped on the CBC because of this story. My understanding is the suit pertains to other statements (or as many would call them, facts), that were presented by the CBC in conjunction with the... Continue Reading →

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