Why a Segment of Saskatchewan’s Economy, and Our Ethical Compass, Hinges on an Undeveloped, War-Torn African Nation

Somewhere in the waters just off the southernmost tip of South Africa, a loaded cargo ship is going nowhere. The NM Cherry Blossom and its 50000 ton cargo of phosphate was seized by a South African court on May 7, 2017.  Exporting natural resources is routine in most places, but most places aren't the Western Sahara. The last remaining... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan: From 459 Oil Spills in 2014 to 146 in 2016? I Doubt It.

This was supposed to be a very different post. With recent news of another oil spill in Saskatchewan, the spotlight is back on the regulation of our province's extensive network of energy-industry pipelines, flowlines, wells and whatever else they use to extract and transport the stuff we rely on. This time the spill was on... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan Farmers vs the Chinese Government: Which One Is Goliath?

Disclosure: Writing this, I got to know a few of the farmers discussed below, and they got to know me, including what I really do to pay the bills - public relations (sadly, blog-writing is not the financial golden goose you'd think it would be) (sarcasm). We entered into a contract earlier this month wherein I agreed to consult... Continue Reading →

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