Saskatchewan Small Towns: A Smorgasbord (Alternate Title – I’ll Have What She’s Having)

First of all, you guys are AH-MAY-ZING. The response to my lame attempt at fundraising for this blog was outstanding and humbling and I seriously love you all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Given how hard y'all have shown your support, I figured it was time to get my ass in gear... Continue Reading →

Scathing Expose on Sour Gas in Saskatchewan Kind of Isn’t One…

This was supposed to have been a post about a scathing expose put together by a massive team of investigative journalists, researchers and educators from across North America. But it's not. I mean, at it's core is an important story - sour gas from oil wells posing serious, even fatal health risks to Saskatchewan residents.... Continue Reading →

It Would Be Really F**king Refreshing If the Leaders of This Province Would Be Honest About Carbon Capture, er, Taxes. (Potato/Potato.)

You may have heard Premier Brad Wall mention, on occasion, that he is against the federal Liberal government imposing a Carbon Tax on the provinces. The basic premise of Wall's argument is that if a Carbon Tax is implemented in Saskatchewan you should probably head for your bunker, because the world will end immediately. Can we just start with... Continue Reading →

Why a Segment of Saskatchewan’s Economy, and Our Ethical Compass, Hinges on an Undeveloped, War-Torn African Nation

Somewhere in the waters just off the southernmost tip of South Africa, a loaded cargo ship is going nowhere. The NM Cherry Blossom and its 50000 ton cargo of phosphate was seized by a South African court on May 7, 2017.  Exporting natural resources is routine in most places, but most places aren't the Western Sahara. The last remaining... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Prayers for Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Service’s Last Shred of Compassion, Dignity #RIP

For years, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services has been paying a flat rate of $3850 to cover the cost of funerals for people who die while on some form of income assistance, or for anyone else who dies broke - for example, a senior citizen on a fixed income without savings. In the 2017-18 provincial bloodbath budget, that... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan’s Budget 2017: The Good, the Bad…Actually Let’s Just Say It’s a Bloodbath

I wanted to title this post 'Saskatchewan Budget 2017: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', but it didn't work out, because there's nothing good about it. If I had stayed with that theme, I could have gone with something like 'Saskatchewan Budget 2017: A Little Bit Okay and OMG ARE YOU %#@& SERIOUS?!' It's pretty... Continue Reading →

SaskaBroke: The Demonization of Public Service and Where All That Money Really Came From

We can all agree on one thing, so let's start there: Saskatchewan is broke. Okay, two things - we all know resource revenues are low. Oil prices plunged two years ago, in January 2015, and have stayed low ever since. The potash market is stagnant. But this notion, peddled by the Saskatchewan government, that our... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan: From 459 Oil Spills in 2014 to 146 in 2016? I Doubt It.

This was supposed to be a very different post. With recent news of another oil spill in Saskatchewan, the spotlight is back on the regulation of our province's extensive network of energy-industry pipelines, flowlines, wells and whatever else they use to extract and transport the stuff we rely on. This time the spill was on... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan Farmers vs the Chinese Government: Which One Is Goliath?

Disclosure: Writing this, I got to know a few of the farmers discussed below, and they got to know me, including what I really do to pay the bills - public relations (sadly, blog-writing is not the financial golden goose you'd think it would be) (sarcasm). We entered into a contract earlier this month wherein I agreed to consult... Continue Reading →

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