Saskatchewan Gov’t Can & Should Be Moving Faster On COVID-19 Financial Relief

You're going to see a lot more headlines like this one in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Regina Leader Post. In fact, this one, as shocking as it is, will probably be pretty mild in hindsight. There is only so much the provincial government can do at this point to reverse the havoc the COVID-19... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan Politics & Pandemic: Enough is Enough

Kind of struggling with what to write for this blog this week. I've got at least half a dozen drafts sitting behind the scenes, but I get sidetracked, or they feel outdated almost as soon as I write them. I also don't want to be adding political-noise to an environment where its currently unhelpful. Really,... Continue Reading →

Is the Govt of Saskatchewan Ready For a Pandemic? Well…

Like you, I've been side-eying the COVID-19 (coronavirus) maps, watching the virus creep inwards and upwards towards Saskatchewan from the east and west coasts of the United States. Also like (most of) you, I'm not panicking. I haven't stockpiled toilet paper. With a houseful of boys, two dogs and cat, I already stockpile Lysol wipes.... Continue Reading →

Ryan Meili is Awesome. Deal With It.

He's going to @%$#ing murder me for this. But I don't care. In fact, that's just one of the reasons Ryan is one of my good friends: he's super easy to get along with and gets over things quick. I (to the shock and surprise of many, I'm sure) am not really skilled at either.... Continue Reading →

Fixed Election Dates & Political Game-Playing

Yeah, I'm back to blogging (I think). More on that at a later date, including why I quit for a while and what I'm working on lately. For now, apologies for the mess around here. I am trying (and largely failing) to find the time to renovate. But as I started, mainly out of curiosity,... Continue Reading →

Live Blogging the Sask Party Leadership Convention

It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting on my patio at the lake one hot August morning, learning that the rumours were true: Brad Wall was resigning. It's been a long, gruelling campaign - a marathon ran at a sprint's pace - and as much as I've given candidates a hard time, they... Continue Reading →

No Friends In High Places? Not White? Then You’re Probably Not a Director On a Saskatchewan Crown Board

Let's establish parameters around the notion of political patronage, and why it matters. Political patronage occurs when a person is rewarded - usually through favors, appointments to public office or boards, or by receiving contracts or grants -  for supporting a specific party and/or politician by campaigning for them, or through financial donations. To be clear: patronage is... Continue Reading →

PART 1 – Sask Party Leadership Race Candidates: What You Need to Know Before You Vote (Or Just Because)

Check out Part 2 here on the candidate's positions on the Global Transportation Hub (GTH). Six candidates are vying to fill Wall’s shoes after his January 28, 2018 departure: former Saskatoon city councillor and justice minister Gord Wyant; former Grant Devine staffer and controversially, the current head of Saskatchewan’s civil service, Alanna Koch; rural MLA... Continue Reading →

Sask Party Leadership Week 6: The Redemption Tour

WHAT'S THAT? WHAT? SPEAK UP I CAN'T HEAR YOU OH SORRY YOU WANT ME TO STOP YELLING okay that's fine why didn't you just say so. For the love of all that is holey Ken Cheveldayoff's social media needs to stop hollering at us in ALL CAPS. OH REALLY THAT'S NICE DID YOU USE YOUR... Continue Reading →

Neverending Roundabout Nightmare: The Bologna In Balgonie

(Sorry, everytime I see the word Balgonie I think of the many sandwiches of my youth.) I'm not going to pretend I have any answers on this one, but I do have a bunch of questions. Once upon a time, the intersection at the Town of Balgonie's Main Street and Highway 1 was a death... Continue Reading →

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