Liberal Splits: Some Numbers From #skvotes 2016

The numbers from election night tell a fascinating story. Well, if you find numbers from election nights fascinating. Here are the overall results, taken from CBC Saskatchewan’s 2016 election dashboard: Total 2016 turnout was approximately 427 000, compared to 402 000 in 2011. That puts 2016 turnout at 57 per cent, but Elections Saskatchewan’s Michael […]

Latest #skvotes Poll: SPOILER ALERT

Finally. I was going into poll withdrawal. Yesterday Insights West released their poll gauging public sentiment in Saskatchewan on the campaign, and the parties. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly riveting new information. SPOILER ALERT: the Sask Party is going to win. Nevertheless, there were a few tidbits worth mentioning. So, I will. The Issues: Privatization […]

Black Market Butter Tarts: 2016 Sask Party Platform

Or as I’ve taken to calling it, “The Best We Can Do Right Now”. Their 2007 platform contained 140 commitments. In 2011 they pledged at least 35 commitments. 2016’s Sask Party campaign platform contains six (6!) new and guaranteed campaign commitments. (Yes, it also lists a bunch of promises and announcements made while they were still in government, but […]

Are we THIS hardup in Saskatchewan?!

The Saskatchewan NDP having been asking their “where’s our money” question in their latest, not that effective ad campaign. But seriously, WHERE IS OUR MONEY? Maybe that’s too broad, so how about – where is the money that has supported this absolutely fantastic event for the past 27 years? “A dance for senior citizens that’s been at Regina’s Balfour Collegiate for 27 […]

What if Deb Higgins had held her seat in Moose Jaw?

I don’t think I’ve seen redistributed 2011 results for post-boundary change Saskatchewan, til now. There’s a few of these ‘election atlas’ blogs around – bloggers who essentially process extraordinary amounts of data in order to aggregate historical election results over interactive maps. Most of them include redistributed results, after the inevitable event riding boundaries change. I like Canadian […]