Saskatchewan’s P3 Schools: Bundles of Fun

If your kid is going to school in a classroom that resembles a janitorial closet, you don't care how the new school in your area is being built. I get it. Overcrowded schools are a huge issue in our province; we've seen classrooms set up in school boot rooms, hallways, decommissioned science labs, art rooms and even... Continue Reading →

Part 3: Saskatchewan Political Donations and Third-Party Parties

The NDP are no stranger to using political power as a commodity. Their biggest problem lately is that a political party has to have influence, in order to put it up for sale. Saskatchewan unions have been a fickle, fairweather bunch, particularly post-2011. If they expect to ever have allies in government again, they're going to have... Continue Reading →

Soft Jazz & Scented Candles: We Need To Talk About The Sask Party HQ Vandal.

This video has bugged me since the day it was released: Sure, for the obvious reason - vandalism is stupid. But last night, talking with some Sask Party-faithful friends, I learned I wasn't the only one who thought it was a tad shady for other reasons, which emboldened me to share those reasons here. So humor me for a few minutes,... Continue Reading →

Meet Naveed Anwar, The Man Who Changed the Course of Sask NDP History. Twice.

April 8th: I've updated this story by way of the note at the bottom of the post. Somewhere in Saskatoon, right now, a man named Naveed Anwar is quietly relishing victory. A victory he says he strategized and fought for deliberately - to take down Saskatchewan NDP leader Cam Broten. Here are the #skvotes 2016 results from the... Continue Reading →

Liberal Splits: Some Numbers From #skvotes 2016

The numbers from election night tell a fascinating story. Well, if you find numbers from election nights fascinating. Here are the overall results, taken from CBC Saskatchewan's 2016 election dashboard: Total 2016 turnout was approximately 427 000, compared to 402 000 in 2011. That puts 2016 turnout at 57 per cent, but Elections Saskatchewan's Michael... Continue Reading →

Updated: Did Cam Broten Ever Really Have a Chance?

April 7th - I've added a note to the bottom of this post. Much to the chagrin of some of my more partisan Sask Party friends, I cannot celebrate the loss of Cam Broten, both as a MLA and as the Saskatchewan NDP's leader. Broten got what the majority of voters in Saskatoon Westview felt he deserved. Politicians... Continue Reading →

Monday #skvotes 2016 Results and Potentially Unchartered Territory.

Below I've broken down these (really unsurprising) riding prognostications first by region, then by party and the candidate who will win, with the result being: NDP - 9 | Sask Party - 44 | Wild Cards - 8 My reason for labelling a riding a Wild Card is explained alongside it. None of it is complicated. Ultimately I think... Continue Reading →

“One of the Fastest Growing Companies In Canada”: Brad Wall, Lorne Nystrom & the GTH

Today CTV Saskatoon and Regina have been airing a taped interview with Sask Party Leader Brad Wall. Inevitably, the host asked Wall about Saskatchewan's Global Transportation Hub. You can watch the full video here. If you're not familiar with the story, there's background here, and here. I'm struggling with Wall's interview - specifically, his arguments in favor of the deal... Continue Reading →

Latest #skvotes Poll: SPOILER ALERT

Finally. I was going into poll withdrawal. Yesterday Insights West released their poll gauging public sentiment in Saskatchewan on the campaign, and the parties. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly riveting new information. SPOILER ALERT: the Sask Party is going to win. Nevertheless, there were a few tidbits worth mentioning. So, I will. The Issues: Privatization... Continue Reading →

The Weatherguy Frost/Nixoned Cam Broten.

CTV Saskatoon's Jeff Rogstad - otherwise known as The Weatherguy, as well as for his work in Saskatoon's comedic improv scene - absolutely crushed an interview with Cam Broten on Tuesday's News at Noon. More known for his noon hour interviews with Craig the Movie Geek than his hard-hitting political journalism, Rogstad Frost-Nixoned the hell... Continue Reading →

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